Interview : Chepal Sherpa, Councillor of School of Social Science, JNU

Chepal Sherpa is the present Councillor of School of Social Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University.He is politically affiliated with Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Student Organisation. He has been very vocal on student and social issues. He was very active in Stand with JNU movement. He has been elected as Councillor in 2017-2018 session.
Here’s a short  interview of Chepal Sherpa by Aatir Arshad of Aapka Times:
What are the challenges before BASO in JNU in context of other Left Student Organisation and ABVP?
BASO is a new organisation in JNU, it doesn’t have strength in numbers and it’s a challenge.
Second challenge is ideological challenge to create radical left space in JNU campus in front of Democratic left and ABVP. There are also many challenges according to daily issues.
What’s BASO stand on mandatory attendance policy for P.hd and M.Phill?
We reject this attendance policy as an organisation and as an individual and we demand complete roll back of attendance whether it’s in UG, PG, M.Phill and P.hd. JNU VC view of education is privatization and to demolish student activism. Privatization and Brahmanical view of education is that one student should have good attendance and good marks. JNU VC views is quantitative education but not qualitative education. Attendance is just a number but attendance is not quality. When there is idea there is quality without idea education is waste. BASO idea of education is democratic and open spaces of learning without bounds. Without attendance JNU is idea of free thinking, to crush idea and free thinking mandatory attendance has been imposed and we reject it.
In upcoming JNU students union election would BASO will contesting in central panel?
We haven’t decided yet though we contested in Councillor election previous year and we have performed. In parallel GSCASH election also we have performed well and our candidate Apeksha Priyadarshini got 800 votes in GSCASH election. Students are also happy with BASO idea and politics. As the time comes we will decide to contest in central panel.
What are your views about other Left Student Organisation in JNU who are position holders in Union?
On many issues we have come together. BASO is in solidarity with AISA, SFI and DSF on issues. We are with them on questions of attack on minority, attack on university and question of democratic spaces. We will also criticize them when we think they are not right. Our relations with other Left parties is good but we will not compromise on our ideology. BASO as a radical group is trying to make radical spaces in JNU but we will not compromise on Bhagat Singh and Ambedkar’s ideology.
As a Councillor of School of Social Science how you see education budget in Union Budget 2018-2019?
Before presentation of every budget people of India keep their fingers crossed. In education context if we talk about this budget fund cut in education has been imposed. Present government is already anti-students and they are trying to shut down government university to give profit to corporate private university. 80% seat cut has already been done in higher education. We have seen attack on JNU through media trail. Media who defame JNU and women students of JNU. JNU is anti-antithetical of fascist government of idea. Their idea of education is regressive and education privileged only. They don’t want children of workers, farmers, Muslim, dalit and oppressed class to gain qualitative education because if they come to universities they will talk about their presentation and spaces in society. In present there is 50% women student in JNU which is not acceptable by fascist. JNU is portrayed in bad light because there is space presentation of SC, ST, Dalit, Muslim and women. Present government is scared of progressive forces. They want to crush voices of oppressed and they want to hide oppression from main stream.
(Aatir Arshad is a student of Jamia Millia Islamia and currently pursuing B.A Programme.)

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