Book Review: No Urgency To Be Home

Reviewer: HayaISBN: 978-93-91717-17-9 
Poet: Neha R. Krishna

Maybe No Urgency To Be Home is a collection about embracing the delay, or maybe not. But it is indeed a collection of the gravity of the moments. How effortlessly the little poems in the book afford to slow down at some junctures of memories. Her poems breathe the haikai spirit of brevity.
Well-crafted poems conceive from the moments that squirrel away in the memories, and the readers are like little ants making a trail to hoard the bread crumbs. With her poems, Neha R. Krishna leads us to stroll in the deliberate void of her Haiku and Tanka and join the dots with our experiences.

the little things I ignored
last year

Everyone likes their dark sky lit. Fireworks often fill the sky with sparkles though it is short-lived, just like the moments we tend to lose in time. Neha’s poems are a vivid evocation of incompleteness we carved while choosing to ignore little things in life. The poem emphasizes cherishing the beauteous mystery of emotions.

night raga
the moon entangles
in a tree

Neha beholds the romance of the night and its beloved moon. The night ragas add more layers and intensify the tree with thin and dense branches. Whether the moon entangles in a tree, quivers in the pond, or remains hidden, it is intimate and splendid.

sea breeze
the scent of your skin
on my tongue

It bears the honey-dipped thread of distinct love. Neha artfully evokes the mundane act of love and stirs the breeze with her words. The intimidating waves rise and fall while she makes poetry under the blanket of sand.

setting sun
the redness of the sky
scratching an old wound
till it bleeds

This Tanka illustrates our ability to savour pain willingly. The adventurous vastness of the sky as it reddens, instrumentalizes the scars on the memories. She nourishes her poems with utter honesty and unfolds the brevity and brilliance. Her book ‘No Urgency To Be Home’ is a collection of vivid visuals.

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