Book Launch: The Evolution of Ghalib

A galaxy of intellectuals released The Evolution of Ghalib, a new book on Ghalib, the greatest Urdu poet of all time. Presided over by Syed Shahid Mahdi, the function was attended by huge perceptive lovers of Ghalib. Syed Shahid Mahdi, Professor Anisur Rahman and Professor M. Asaduddin discussed various aspects of Ghalib’s poetry and enumerated the remarkable achievement of Hasan Abdullah, the author of The Evoltuion of Ghalib. Comprising 803 Urdu couplets of Ghalib with their English translation by A Naseeb Khan, they said, The Evolution of Ghalib is a labor of love. Approached differently, the book captures different strands of Ghalib’s poetry. It represents a selection of Ghailb’s Urdu poetry in a chronological order, identifying various stages and phases of Ghalib’s evolution.

The detailed commentaries provide a perceptive insight into the Ghalib’s Urdu poetry. hasan Abdullah stressed upon the need to study the works of anyone and everyone – whether a poet, a philosopher, a painter, a writer, or whosoever, in evolution and in context, because ceaseless motion, or continual evolution and interconnected nature, are undeniable facts of life. Stressing the difficulties faced by A Naseeb Khan, the translator of Ghalib’s couplets included in the book, they appreciated his effort.

Hasan Abdullah talked at length about the book and said that it was inspired by his enduring love of Ghalib, as also by the motivation he received from his friends. A Naseeb Khan underscored the need of fresh translations of Ghalib’s verses, and talked about how he negotiated with various issues. He said he remained faithful and determinedly aimed at communicating the meaning of Ghalib’s verses as creatively as he could.

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