Babaji, British & Brexit A story of xenophobia

Babaji, British & Brexit
A story of xenophobia

By Nawazish Nehal

When at the stroke of midnight in 1947 our country got independence & the indian subcontinent got divided into two parts namely India & Pakistan there was a BABA sitting on the banks of Yamuna who heard this news of partition he hurried himself & took a tamtam(horse cart ) directly to purani delhi to meet her girlfriend, but sadly her family left for Pakistan then there at the gate number 2 of jama masjid baba made a curse to the british “MAY THIS HAPPENS TO YOU”
Voila! his prayers got answer after 69 years when the 22 years of relationship between European union & england finally broke up.
Now let us comeback on how does the baba’s baddua worked out. When British left India we followed them back as we have given them addiction of eating curry chicken & tikka masala. So they needed us, they needed us so badly that India & Pakistan became the source of first and third largest immigrant population. Then in 2004 some communist countries came to fulfill babaji’s wish when EU decided to expand itself to post communist countries of central & eastern Europe which were generally in poor condition this means that their citizen were more likely to move out to richer countries like UK as immigration laws were marginalised for them & then the great Britain was filled up with greater polish population.
But still babaji’s wish was not fulfilled so here came the inflation of 2008 & eurozone crisis making more people to move to UK & making it as their final destination & current Syrian refugee crisis was also presurising Cameroon government to host more refugees allotted by EU to them.
So the British said that’s enough STOP COLONIZING US! & Voted to quit EU as they always do at group stage of every FIFA.
But no one knows about that yamuna waalay Babaji’s contribution to this, anyways brexit or no brexit we Indians still have to apply for a seperate visa for england.
Long live the babaji!!

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