Arranged Marriages: The Best Decision You Will Never Take

The moment we hear the word ‘wedding’, our thoughts right away strike towards the lavish big fat Indian ceremonies filled with colours and luminance, the pomp and show, the supreme amount of life and laughter, happiness and a little bit of tears. Wedding in our country isn’t just about two people coming together, it involves their families, their first cousins, relatives, friends and a whole lot more people. Two souls coming together to spend their lives together till death do them apart, that is wedding.
However, the bottom line is it’s about those two people who are promising each other to be together through every thick and thin and making each other’s life as happy and comfortable as they can. Which brings us to the age old question that should we be choosing our partners ourselves or should we let our loved ones take care of that?

Love marriages are sure preferred by today’s young guns who want everything their own way, but with the concept of arranged marriages taking a back seat, we count down reasons why going the arranged road is the best way to get hitched.

#1) F5 (Refresh!)
Having someone completely unknown in your life and taking a pledge to share everything with that person sure sounds a bit scary, but if taken with the right attitude, is equally exciting as well. We all want a person with whom we can be ourselves and can connect to on every level. It serves as a refreshing start to a new life with a whole lot of people coming into your life and changing it forever completely. A new beginning, a transformation from the previous monotony, as variety is the spice of life. And such a gigantic step might turn out to be one of the best decisions that you never took. Two unknown people and their families tend to form a very close bond and are with each other in happier times as well as sad. The essence of freshness always stays.

#2) Rishte Me To Wo Humare Maa-Baap Lagte Hain
If there is any truth in this universe which can never be proven wrong, it is that no matter what, our parents will always want the best for us. For a decision as crucial as marriage, if there is someone we can trust blindly, then they are our parents. They have the required experience and know more than us. We may know where our interests lie and what colour we want for our farewell dress but when it comes to finding the right kind of people, there is no one better suited for the job than our parents. We might be distant from them but they know us since even before we came into this world. So putting the weight of the task on their shoulders might just prove to be better than doing it yourself.

#3) Young And Restless
No matter how mature we act and try to behave all aged and know-it-all, we still are way too young to judge a person the right way. Though in some cases when we spend a large amount of time with someone we do know them a lot and love them for it, but all of us- in fact many of us are not that lucky to find ‘the perfect one’ for us. Always remember that most of the relationships come with an expiry date but experience is one heck of an old wine which keeps on getting better with time. If only we are completely sure of the other person we should stick with them for life. Otherwise why compromise?

#4) Bad Timing Bro!
The reason why most of the relationships fail is because we tend to get into relationships majorly during the time when we are either studying or preparing for jobs or further studies, basically while we and the other person are not settled and have not grown completely as a person. Situations and time change and so do people. Keeping a relationship while we are in our comfort zones is easy but the real test starts when it comes to taking up the responsibility and that is where most people fail to deliver in relationships. So why waste so much of time and energy in something which is not even permanent?

#5) Making It Happen
You tend to form that special bond with the person, you understand each other, give each other the time and thoughts. From someone whom you know just by face or name, the person in no time becomes your everything, your happily ever after. The joy of knowing a new person, finding out about his/her habits, likes, dislikes, making adjustments accordingly, going the extra mile and making it work. Falling in love not because you have to but because you want to; your prince charming might not come riding the white horse but he sure can be the one sitting on that mare wearing that flashy Sherwani.

Given all of it there are no hard feelings about love marriages, they are equally amazing but if we aren’t lucky enough (most of us aren’t), getting married this way isn’t half as bad. Keep in mind that even though Chetan Bhagat fell in love, he didn’t get married until both of their families were in agreement. And after all, we owe it to our parents.

So shed all the worries and take the plunge, it’s not something to be scared of but to be embraced. Marriage is the single most important decision of our lives and God forbid if it doesn’t work, you have your parents to put the blame on (No offense uncle aunty).
Don’t worry, it’s going to be amazing.

[author image=”” ]I am Sameer Khan,an IT engineer by graduation. Pursuing MA Convergent Journalism from Jamia Millia Islamia. Bollywood reviewer and technology researcher.[/author]

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