An Open Letter to the Protesting Students from Jamia Alumni

It is Disheartening to hear about the allegedly illegal routine checkup in Jamia Boys Hostel conducted by Delhi Police with the cooperation of Proctorial Department of the University on Saturday evening. This very incident should be condemned in every possible ways and university officials must take strict action against all those members who were involved in this fearful & Un-constitutional conspiracy.

We all know that the Central Universities enjoy Independent autonomous-statehood which doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of local Police. Permission for entry of State Police and other security squad inside the Campus has to be either granted by the court of law or the Vice-Chancellor. On this very ground all the stakeholders of Jamia seek action against those who have violated the rule of law and have disturbed the peace on the campus, despite the Jamia authorities denying any such incident. Till this point there isn’t any difference of opinion amongst Jamia Community.

Now, there is another angle to this incident which is more of Politics and mileage. None can deny the existence of the Students unit of National and state Political parties in Jamia Campus in recent days, Thanks to Prof. Talat Saheb for granting students the right to raise their voice despite the matter being sub-judice in Hon. Delhi High court. Ain’t that favorable to the students?

These days a new kind of students’ movement has entered into the campuses that solely focus on opportunism than agenda. In this Philosophy of politics, political patronage is utilized to strengthen the cadre-base in the campuses with the help of outside players. The same wave has indented Jamia intensifying the current situation. Fraction of bona-fide students and outsiders are chanting that trendy slogans which are against the Jamia’s ethos. Let say no to them. Let say no to outsiders. Let say no to politicization.

Beware of these political units which are in race to win the battle ground at the earliest, anticipating a quick election for Jamia Students’ Union. They are so desperate that they even don’t mind inviting non-university players inside college campus for gaining political mileage.

Common students are not hesitating to enjoy the right to raise voice against any irregularities and this empowerment is the only good for the health of universities.

I, being an Alumnus, appeal to the students to protest and protest peacefully on agenda till some concrete action is being taken against alleged officials but Please don’t let your movement get dragged towards any specific Political ideology of sloganeering and gesturing. Let’s Pledge not to color this movement either by Red, White, Saffron etc.

We stand with you in this hour of need.
Jamia independence
















Happy Independence Day!!

Yours’ Senior

Abdul Wakar
(MBA(IB), Batch of 2014-16)

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