5 Reasons why Mumbai is better than Delhi

Mumbai Vs Delhi. This has always been a hot topic to fight on for Mumbaikars and Delhiites. The city of dreams and the Indian Capital are always at fight for petty reasons like popularity of vada pav and aloo paratha.

Today, Aapka Times brings to you the reasons why Mumbai is better than Delhi. Read on to know more.

#1 Weather

The average temperature of Mumbai is 30 degree Celsius. In the hottest month it goes upto 33 degree Celsius (unlike 44 degree Celsius in Delhi) and in the coldest month it goes down to 24 degree Celsius and not 2 degree Celsius as in Delhi. One is not subject to change in school timings or office timings because of weather.

# 2 The Sea

One can sit at any beach in Mumbai and enjoy the peaceful nature. And how can anyone forget the Queen’s Necklace aka The Marine Drive. Wind that hits you when sit there, light splashes of water can undoubtedly cheer anyone up. However, Delhi offers no such place to chill to Delhiites. Sad life!

#3 Freedom and Outlook

People of Mumbai are really chilled out and they are past being judgemental. Like that is an old thing! Different ways of living, dressing, etc are accepted here without any questions being asked. Mumbaikars follow the policy of ‘Live and Let Live.’

#4 Security

Delhi is the city when one has to keep their guard every time, especially girls. Mumbai, on the other hand, is the city popular for its nightlife. Girls don’t have to think twice about partying late at night. Mumbai is equipped with sufficient safety measures to safeguard its citizens. And well, the mentality of people helps a lot with this.

#5 Opportunities

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and provides loads of opportunities to freshers as well as experienced people. This city is a tough taskmaster but the results are surely worth it. Not only does it provides opportunities in corporate field but also in entertainment. The base of Bollywood is Mumbai and it provides endless opportunities to people.

Cheers Mumbaikars! Uplisted are the reasons for Mumbai being better than Delhi. However, this argument is endless.

P.S- Delhiites, don’t get offended! Soon we are coming up with 5 reasons why Delhi is better than Mumbai.

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