5 Lessons that a Life in Hostel Teaches You

Not all of the lessons we learn are there in the books or some stories. They lie in life experiences. This one life experience is living in a hostel. Living away from your family and creating another one in the hostel is a hell of an experience. Here’s what hostel life is going to teach you.

1. Importance of family:

Only after living away from your family you learn to value it. The things, the phrases and the statements of our parents which once irritated us makes us miss them now. Living without family is not easy, really it isn’t and that is what living in the hostel is going to teach you.

2. Looking after yourself:

Now you’re in a place where your mother is not going to stay awake to look after you, to see that you had your meals, that you’re not doing something to harm yourself. Well, sure she is thinking about all this but at home. Hostel teaches you to take care of yourself. It makes you strong both mentally and emotionally.

3. Money management:

All of a sudden the thing that you never bothered to take care of, matters a lot now. Realising that there is no family bank to rush to, you yourself try keeping your accounts. You start to value it and spent only after thinking. You keep a track of each penny you had and the one you spent.

4. Adjusting:

You don’t live alone in the hostel. There are a whole lot of other people from different places. It makes you open the world. You get to know that there are people other than yourself who grew up in different circumstances and situations. At first, it might feel a little difficult to live the other people but with time you learn to adjust with them.

5. Fellow feeling:

The biggest lesson hostel teaches us is care about our foes even. It makes you think about a person first and then comes the relation you share with them. Maybe you never bothered to ask your opponent about their health but after staying in a hostel you will. It will teach you to value life over your fights and quarrels.

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