10 things to remembers for the freshers

Current session of college has begun, universities will be in their full swing from this months onwards. Though the semester might look hectic perhaps, its easy in a way. Freshers in college are still overcoming their shock of getting into a real world. Stepping foot into a new place making new friends, getting into new discipline of life is altogether an awesome feel. However, the few years of graduation passes in a wink of an eye. It’s like you will sleep today and will wake up in the last semester of your course. It happens! There is a lot to plan , consider and reconsider while you are in college. Devoting oneself to study and only study is not a sane thing, it’s college life. The golden period  where you get to get a full time grooming of your self. From a teenager to adult, choosing your career paths, standing on your own ,sense of Independence. From making lifelong friends to die hard enemies ( Just kidding) from your crushes to your relationship ( do not complicate it ) your first move , your first step dude you need to know college hacks, Seriously!
So ,here we have compiled a few of simple college hacks that will make your college life smooth.

1. Most important building up S.G.P.A.

Getting A , A+ in your initial semester is a big boon, as the level goes up , pressure goes up it’s difficult to get  good grades on your marksheets. Don’t assume beginning classes like a mild breeze, if not taken seriously they will wept out your breaths by the end of first year itself. They will help you a lot later when you will be in need of scores.

2. Remembering your schedule

New time table , different classes and new places. And when there is an attendance issue you got to attend classes on time if, you do not wish to loose attendance. Set up your schedule on the home screen of your laptop/ mobile phones , it would be easier to remember in which direction you got to move.

3. Record your lectures
Lecture Recording

If It’s difficult to pace up the speed of your professor while jotting down important points you can always record your lectures.later, you can listen to them and also, It has dual benefits. First you can doze off in class , second you can doze off without loosing anything. Just make sure you are on the back bench or you are really talented to sit in front and do this daring task.

4. Colour coding
Colour code notes

Instead of keeping a different notebook make a single diary to make class notes. It will save your shoulders a load and also will keep your notes under one roof. All you need to do is to have coloured pens or sketch pens ready to mark your subject. Go on make your world colourful.

5. Putting up dates

Most of the universities have a rule of 75% compulsory attendance. Perhaps, bunks are too necessary , celebrating a Freund’s birthday, going for the first show of your favourite actor’s movie or just to have a look around city in a pleasant weather. You too need to keep a track of your attendance so that you can plan your bunks accordingly. Just simply put up dates upon your notes everyday every time and mark down if a class is cancelled. In your leisure time , calculate your attendance record and bunk freely.

6. Alarm hack

If you are a lazy person or not definitely an early riser but you have morning classes on your time table you need to listen to this point more seriously. Just place your phone in an empty glass before going to sleep and by morning the magical glass will amplify your alarms sounds. Moreover , you have to take one more step  from your bed to stop or snooze the alarm. Have a happy morning.

7. Party in the hostel.

Have a friend’s birthday want to party ? Want a DJ , warden doesn’t allow it ! Sad but you can always use a soda bottle and your phone to party like a beast. Just slit a soda bottle from one side so that you can put your phone inside it, it will give you a clear bass and as you know ‘baby ko bass pasnd hai’.

8. Carry an extra pair of shirt.

As rainy season is here, save yourself from rain and infections by keeping an extra pair of shirt in your bag. So that you can change if you are soaked a bit or more in rain.

9. Class setting.

Well , sooner you will be facing your presentations and assignments for your first semester. Be smart , fix one of your friend with a question to ask in front of your teacher, and be ready with your answer. It will really look like you know your stuff well.

10. A big squad

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times
Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Make friends lots of friends, don’t ever enclosed yourself in a group. You see bigger the squad better it is. Mass bunking will be easy and also, you will make memories to Cherish later , when you will be in a bust day of your office or stuck somewhere, these days with your squad will make your smile in the times of utmost distress.

So, these can help you to a larger extent. Make friends, laugh, enjoy , celebrate each day. Regret nothing , spread smiles stay happy it’s your golden period of your life and stay awake , stay stylish your crush may notice you any day.

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