10 profound quotes from Novel of Jamia alumnus that you will love

Have you ever been in love? Or Pain? Or Depression?

 Then you should surely read Dreamcatcher by the Jamia Alumnus Rosheena Zehra.

Life is morbid but beautiful only if you have people around, the essence of life comes from the existence of fellow humans. Nida Fazli’s Ghazal says:

“ZubaanMillihaimagar Hum zubanNahiMilta,

In a world where billions of billions fellow human coexist people are hit by depression, unknowingly. Depression that is being debated on social media these days, like it is some stock market issue, has a lot of intricacies attached that delves deeper into human brains. It is peevish and when it comes out, it consumes a whole human at once leaving behind just flesh in a body. But then, there is love that from unimaginable land hails to engulf the whole of darkness leaving bright colours to outshine the Sun.

Here are 10 profound quotes from Dreamcatcher by Rosheena Zehra that will instantly touch your heart, heal it and will surely disturb you for seconds. Dreamcatcher is the debut novel by Rosheena Zehra that deals with the tender yet alarming issue of clinical depression. Rosheena Zehra has completed her Masters in English Literature from Jamia Millia Islamia. “Moon” is her prize-winning short story written in 2014.


  1. “I would have to let go off Reza because I would never choose anything over my family. I wondered if unrequited, unfulfilled love is the best form of love. It probably stays alive forever if the object of affection is never attained. But maybe, over the years, it is only the expression of love which changes, not love itself. Even if it does, it changes for better. It grows and matures and gets stronger so as to not require constant expression and reassurance.”
  2. “…but he would understand. And then all the heartache would disappear. However, if my heart got broken one more time, I wasn’t sure if it could be set right again.”
  3. “I love you, I love you to the point it hurts. Isn’t there a beauty in pleasure which transforms into pain and is still welcome? I didn’t know I was even capable of loving someone to this extent. Or even if it existed! I’m so glad our love is real enough for me to feel what I feel. Being with you gives me a sense of relief, an unusual kind of peace. I don’t feel like worrying about anything. As long as we’re good, the rest of the world is good. It doesn’t really matter if it isn’t.”
  4. “I don’t want you when I am sad or lonely, Reza. I have junk food and trashy cinema for times like those. And I don’t want you when I am happy or victorious. That’s when the entire world is by my side. I want and not want you just as I want and not want myself- theway nature has ordained it to be- effortless and eternal. There is no going away or coming back to it- that is precisely how I want you.”
  5. “There are two truths in this world. First, every human being, every single one of them is a sadist. Some are sadist in denial, their sadism often disguised as voyeurism and sometimes, concern and curiosity. Others, the more honest, have managed to differentiate between what makes them more acceptable in society, and what they truly are. Second, we are all capable of the lowest and the most bestial acts under the right circumstances.”
  6. “After you have been in depression you have a close encounter with madness, it’s not exactly possible to come back to what you initially used to be.”
  7. “Without pain we get nowhere. It is an assured way of achieving growth. It destroys us, it cleanses us. It destroys everything and then we have to start all over again from scratch. Therein lies the beauty of life, in the beauty of destruction.”
  8. “During the day, it lurks away from the light as you go about your business, doing the daily chores. It is very much there when you are driving or buying groceries or just simply moving closer to death, lurking at the back of your mind, waiting, waiting to engulf you, devour you. It comes slowly, steadily, taking over you, in absolute darkness when there is nowhere to turn to, nothing to occupy or distract yourself with. And when you can take it no longer, you allow the darkness to take over, and seek refuge from the ensuing agony by passing into unconsciousness.”
  9. “There were nights when I was sure I would die with all the pain within me and not wake up to see the following morning, because it is humanely impossible to live through all the agony imploding inside me… and still survive at the end of it all. Sometimes when I was about to fall asleep, and everyone else would be sleeping, and it would be all dark, I would open my eyes, scanning the room for something unusual, a frightening force, maybe even supernatural, as long as it triggered an emotion. Maybe fear, horror would finally make me feel. I wonder if I was actually relieved to find nothing in my empty room.”
  10. “Sometimes I woke up crying in my sleep. But it would stop the moment I was up, like a switch being turned off… yet, despite everything I knew I would recover, soon. The love that I had for my sister still existed, and I knew she loved me back too, from wherever she was. After all, death is not the end.”


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