10 Cheapest Places to Hang Out With friends in Bangalore

Bangalore has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in India and moreover, the population has been increasingly being colonized by several North Indians too. They say, ‘You can survive in Bangalore without Kannada forever’ and it has proved to be true with the type of youthful crowd settled here. But Bangalore is not only famous for the IT parks, the lakes and the diversity in its crowd, it is however also known for its diversity in street food. You will find everything from ‘Chinese Dosa’ to ‘Pastas’ to ‘Bhel Puris’ being sold with the most delicious of tastes on the streets of Bangalore. As the crowd and the population of Bangalore has been increasing, there has been a variety of places where one will find people hanging out, socializing, executing art, or just experiencing solace while working.

Following are a list of 10 Cheapest Places in Bangalore to hang out with Friends:

#1 IamGame
Laser tag

Laser Tag is one of the coolest play arenas in Bangalore, where you can not only have fun socializing but also shoot your opponent while you’re in the competition yet fun mode. Laser Tag is played in a dark arena, where players wear a special jacket that glows in the dark and players take cover behind a fluorescent maze. During each Laser Tag mission (game), players carry a Laser Gun and hit various targets on opponent’s jackets and base station. With just a sum of Rs. 150 and located in the heart of the city, Koramangala, it not only gives one an adrenalin rush, but also builds in team spirit.

#2 Dyu Art Cafe
Dyu Art Cafe

For all the foodies and sweet tooth owners, Dyu Art Cafe is just the place to be. Located in Koramangala with a beautiful nature filled atmosphere, a lunch date or a meeting with your college friends couldn’t get better. The ambience gives one a modern art feeling with paintings of different genres on giant canvases and great service. You cannot miss the Chocolate Cake with extra chocolate sauce which is one of the best on the menu.

#3 Amoeba Bowling Alley
Amoeba Bowling Alley

You bowling freaks, come on out! Amoeba is just the place for you. Not too new in Bangalore, is one of the very first bowling alleys in Bangalore, Amoeba Bowling Alley, located in Church Street and Whitefield. Bowling is sure fun with a large group of friends. But it doesn’t stop there, there is also a play area in Church Street that is just as fun as bowling. With just a sum of Rs. 175, your bowling experience can never be regretted and it’s always going to be fun.

#4 Rasta Cafe
Rasta Cafe

If you love long drives and a good meal at the end of it, Rasta Cafe is just the place to be. Located on Mysore Road that is 50kms from Bangalore, with a relatively cheap list of menu items, Rasta Cafe is also open through 20 hours in a day. For the night owls, this place is the best for having a night out with friends and just chill with the weather.

#5 Coffee on Canvas
Coffee on Canvas

Yet another Art Cafe where you can just sit, sketch, draw, read, or even write as long as you find peace in doing so. You can also get inspired by the art of canvases that might be as tall as you and it’s the calmest place to be when you’re feeling stressed out. Not to forget, the smoothies are the best and the menu is reasonable for college students as well.

#6 The Humming Tree
The Humming Tree

For people who love attending gig, open mics and music concerts, Humming Tree is the best for the same. Located in Indiranagar and free entry for open mics, Humming Tree is incredible to hang out with your friends while performances continue. Since every weekend there is an event always taking place, it is rather convenient for people to go, hang out, socialize, dance a little, get drunk, and just have fun. The menu is also reasonable for working professionals and the ambience is great.

#7 Rangoli- Metro Art Centre
Rangoli- Metro Art Centre

The MG Road Rangoli, Metro Art Centre is a walk of fame, art and immense creativity depicting history, theatre and just pure art of various genres. There is everything from graffiti walls to a human sized snake and ladder board game, to a beautiful walkway through time. It depicts the history of Karnataka with respect to theatre, development including traffic and technology and also art. Since there is no entry fee, it is actually a lot more convenient for youngsters to just sit and talk or explore the history of the city while being informed about its origin. It’s a beautiful place to be along with Dasaprakasa, a south Indian restaurant which is located on the walkway as well.

#8 Commercial Street
Commercial Street

Commercial Street is one of the busiest streets in Bangalore with more pedestrians than cars travelling on the road. It is rather better to walk through the street as there are thousands of shops selling street junk jewellery or clothes or even bags and shoes. From the biggest brands to the smallest of street shops, Commercial Street has got it all. Affordable by every member of the crowd, this is the one place that is great to visit with your friends.

#9 The Ants Cafe
The Ants Cafe

Located in Indiranagar, the Ants cafe is one of the best restaurants for breakfast. With a laid back ambience, you can chat with your friends or surf online, as you begin your day be eating the delicious food they offer. The omelettes and open sandwiches are the best and are fairly reasonable for both working professionals and college students. However, since it is in the quieter corner of Indiranagar, it is the best to find solace and calm.

#10 Hari  Super Sandwich
Hari super sandwich

Located in Jayanagar, The Hari Super Sandwich is just the best restaurant for a crazy variety of sandwiches and the cheese. It is super reasonable as well, and the chilly cheese is one of the best in the menus. With the numerous items in the menu that are hard to choose from, Hari Super Sandwich is the place to be when you’re tired of boring sandwiches because trust me, these guys will not let you down.

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