You will surprised to know that the Dance Sensation Sanjeev Uncle is a Professor!

Sometimes a stranger can help you to realise your dreams!

Something similar happened with Sanjeev Shrivastava, a 46 year old professor, who in his eighties wished to become a dancer. That time it didn’t work out well for him. But 12th May was his day of glory.

He was dancing on the song aapke aa jane se, aapke aa jane se at his brother-in-laws wedding in Gwalior. Someone from the audience shot his video and uploaded it. Since then his phone hasn’t stopped ringing. He became an internet sensation and people just can’t stop praising him.

“I don’t know who he is but I am really grateful to him. I never got such an appreciation before,” said the dancer-professor. Mr. Shrivastava is popularirly being called The Dancing Uncle.

Sanjeev, mentions that he has been dancing since 1982 . He got inspired by his mother, Mohini Devi Shrivastava. He also mentions that he never undertook any professional training.

“I have been dancing since 1982. Dance is a god-gifted talent in me. I was inspired by my mother Mohini Devi Shrivastava who has been a classical dancer. I have not got any formal training. I won Madhya Pradesh’s best dancer award three times in the eighties in competitions held in Bhopal,” said Sanjeev.

Netizens are praising his enthusiasm with which he is dancing. Gautam Tewari, a twitter user, posted a video of the dancing uncle. It got retweeted  5000 times and has been liked by 10000 people.

“I never thought of uploading videos on my own, though I have performed hundreds of times at umpteen number of places free of cost as part of several dance and theatre groups and also as a special invitee on auspicious occasions in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and several others states.” said the dancing professor.

Shrivastava is seen dancing on remixes of popular bollywood songs of eighties like May se Meena se na Saaaqi se and Chadhti jawani meri chaal mastani. The lady who is seen shaking a leg with him is recognised as his wife, Anjali Shrivastava.

Aapka Times salutes the confidence and zeal of The Dancing Uncle. We hope that India finds many more such hidden gems because after all age is just a number!

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