Yes Of Course We are Pretentious

“Yes of course we are pretentious – what else is youth for ?” Julian Barnes this quote from ‘Sense of an Ending’ seems much relevant when we see a young guy of 19 or 20 walking on the streets dressed up in brands from head to toe. A perfect fit tee with a cool slang acronym printed on it, matched up with an expensive branded pair of denims. Puma or Nike knots tied till the dead end. And to further add to the accessories, a trending weird gelled up hairstyle to go with a plenty of wristbands.
Do you feel like you are playing a dress up game on some free game site on internet?
Wait! There’s more to it, the guy must be headed to a café where he would find a free wi-fi zone and perhaps take a selfie or two , Oops! Maybe a lot of selfies with his “pretty little liar” pals, who must have bunked their classes to get some time off from their usual daily dose of chemistry lectures or seminars on mechanical physics.But on a more serious note, do they have any slightest idea what life has in store for them? A regular hundred mile drive to their workplace! Long working hours! Bad catered canteen food for lunch! Complimentary sleepless nights! And not to forget stress and other health related issues. Sad! That’s what life has to offer in this metropolitan once you are in your thirties.

There’s a way of life that can’t be molded to suit one’s needs. Not now, not even after years .. never! This pretentious youth knows all the facets of life. Every kid that grows up in a regular working class family is well aware of everything from the morning rush, presentation deadlines, diabetic control pills to late night supper and inadequate sleeping hours. You wouldn’t want a kid to know more about the struggles of life. Would you want him to grow before he actually does?
Finding a way for oneself in a metropolitan like Delhi is a task itself. Once they get into a public transport be it a DTC bus or a metro, one can just be ready to get pushed and shoved. Even hours long lectures and workshops at college don’t get someone much excited about life. It’s only the life apart from this, their peers, their passions, interests, their selfies, hangouts, even their lazing around; it’s this other rest that is stardust. This is the silver lining in their lives.
This lifestyle doesn’t come with a price to pay, so why can’t they have it till time bombs it out ? This carefree attitude of theirs is good enough to get them going while they are still talk of the town for grown-ups and even during the process of growing up, before they actually “grow old”. In brief, it is the right time for them to act carefree. Even being responsible helps when its time for you to be.
This is no parental guidance tip nor I am being cynical, but there is a need to bring out the facts that different individuals have different paths to tread , so where there is a crossroad, you must let others pass without bumping into them. Anyway, time solves most things, and what time can’t , people solve it themselves.

[author image=”” ]I am Prashasti Pathak studying English Literature at Jamia Millia Islamia . I am an aspiring writer who has hopes set high to make a career in journalism. I am an avid reader, so I just find myself a corner with a book in my hand whenever I get this opportunity. I think they are the best inspiration for everything that you want to do in life. I love to read Elif Shafak. I also love to sing and watch movies. I would love to travel all around the world, know the people, their culture and history and settle in some small Europian country , perhaps Spain. Poetry, beauty, books & love , this is what I stay alive for ! [/author]

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