“Where is Your God”?

Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies,Delhi:

The Classroom Project, a startup initiated by the students of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, released their debut venture – a short film titled “Where is your God?” on 23rd December. The film, with a duration of about 7 minutes, opens with Akshay, a regular teenager, getting ready for his college as he has an exam that day. Though he hears his parents fighting in the other room, he ignores them as it has been an daily routine since his childhood. As starts off for his college, he sees his neighbour eavesdropping and passing comments. An upset Akshay ignores her. The second scene sees him going towards his college when suddenly he notice s a crowd. As he goes further, he sees a young man bleeding profusely, not getting any kind of help from the onlookers. Dejected with the utter lack of humanity, Akshay enters his college where he is subjected to the same bullying that he has endured over the years. He goes to the classroom where he is supposed to appear for his exam and sits on the designated seat. As he starts to write, he notices something scribbled on his bench. It was a question – “Where is your God?” . Immediately, Akshay is lost in deep thought and starts thinking about it. Eventually, he finds the answer to the question and writes it on the bench.

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