Where is the knowledge?

This is the question that comes in my mind when I think about the education system of India. The only thing which I can see in our education system is that our results are fabricated with marks. Everybody is running just for the numbers and nobody is concerned about the actual knowledge gained. And what our system has done is- just promoted that desire to score marks to an unsustainable level. From the very beginning, the need to score marks is fed into the child’s brain whether by teachers, parents, mentors or fellow mates. The worst thing is that if you get good marks you are considered intelligent and if you don’t get good marks, you are labelled dumb without any solid evidence. The reason to worry is that knowledge and intelligence today are measured only by some numbers. Knowledge and experience have become a secondary thing. Marks have just ruined everything- from a child’s life to education system, everything is destroyed by just marks.

Even in school life, we see that children just aspire to score good marks just to get admission into good colleges and therefore learning takes up a back seat for them. They just cram up the things to get good marks. This becomes their sole objective. But are they the only one to blame? The fault also lies in the system which promotes this kind of behaviour. Nobody understands the importance of knowledge. Hard work, consistency and concepts have become a thing of past. But despite saying this, I believe knowledge is the thing that couldn’t be hidden from people for long. It is the only thing which would help them achieve great heights in life because marks are only on paper but knowledge is immortal and continues even people die or everything is destroyed.

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