What is Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)?

Rapid changes have overtaken the world which now seems to resemble a global village. Information and knowledge, growing at a breathtaking speed, form the very crux of this changed scenario. Conventional disciplines and fields of study, thus far functioning as isolated compartments, have to address the challenges posed by these new changes. Further, students in pursuit of jobs in a competitive market are making ever new demands on the educational system.

A University, which by definition, is situated at the frontiers of knowledge, needs to face such challenges squarely and universities has responded by introducing Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS), which is practiced in many of the world’s acclaimed Universities.

In a pioneering move, Indian universities are all set to demolish the disciplinary strait jackets. Under the CBCS, students from one department have the option to choose courses from other departments as well. Every PG programme will carry 72 credits of which 66 credits will be earned in the core discipline. For the remaining 06 credits, the students can choose supportive courses from other disciplines. In short, the students have a decisive say in deciding what to study and how to prepare themselves for a career.

The overall grade programme for certification shall be based on CGPA with a 7-point scale given below:



3.80 to 4.00


3.50 to 3.79


3.00 to 3.49


2.50 to 2.99


2.00 to 2.49


1.50 to 1.99


1.00 to 1.49


  • To pass in a programme a separate D grade is required for all the courses and must score a minimum CGPA of 2.00 or overall grade of C+ and above

“It is important for us to recognize that there is quite crises in higher education in India which runs deep. And the time has come to address this crisis in a systematic and forthright manner…there is today a need to transition to a course credit system where degrees are granted on the basis of completing a requisite number of credits from different courses, which provides learners with a choice” said Mr. Sam Pitroda, Chairman, The National Knowledge Commission (NKC)

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