University Exams – Tips For Freshers!

With the session of 2014 began another welcoming session in DU for its freshers. Be it the north campus, south campus or the off campus colleges, all welcomed the fresher’s with equal jest and happiness. Since then colleges and students have been busy with fresher’s party, orientation day, department fests and not to forget the Diwali fests. During these celebrations, students tend to forget how fast the semester passes and before the party mood is gone they realize they have to submit assignments, sit for tests and yes the exam date sheet is released.
But instead of fearing this situation, one should know how to cope up with this.

And here is some easy guide for the freshers to prepare, perform and score well in their first semester of university.

#1 there is no point in fretting about exams, assignments, and tests. Nothing comes from the other world so be calm and confident.

#2 gather whatever notes, books, references and study material you need for your exams.

#3 do not miss any test or assignment. Do whatever you know of it, do the best in your hands but do not fret about the result. You can always give a re-test and improvise on your mistakes.

#4, try to pay more attention in class. Usually before the semester ends, teachers sums up the syllabus and this is the time you can understand the topics you have missed. Do not bunk or miss classes in this crucial period.

#5 do make a note of all the important things each chapter and each subject has. Know the crux or summary of all chapters if you cannot go into the details at the last moment.

#6 it is very important to learn time management. Practice to time yourself in exams. Do not take more than 15 minutes on an answer. Time yourself according to the weightage of questions and do it as fast as you can.

#7 it is good to borrow or share notes from your college mates. But the best help is often done by one’s own notes. So try making your notes when you sit to revise. Noting or writing down helps to retain points in memory as well.

#8 know well about your syllabus. Focus on what you know the best and do not worry about the topics you have missed. Whatever you missed should be gone through when you have already prepared the rest of your syllabus.

#9 remain confident and know your texts thoroughly. Read the introduction and chapters as carefully as you can because it is very rare that something comes out of the book.

#10 be confident and calm when you write the exam. Of course one will be little nervous while writing their first university exam but he/she should not fret or worry.

Perform the best you can.

After all, it is just the beginning of the college. Even if you don’t score very well in the first semester, you have five other semesters to improve.
Just don’t take the exams and tests as burden. Take them as simple challenges and go through them with focused and clear mind.

There is nothing scary about the university exam.

The main rule is: be attentive, calm, study well and time yourself.

All the best to all the college freshers.

It is easier than you think. 🙂

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