Twelve easy health tips to keep you active and healthy

Here are some easy to follow health tips to keep you active and healthy on a daily basis compiled in pictorial format by the Jovial Care

#1  Three litters of Water per day will keep you away from diseases 


#2  Tulsi Leaf a day keep you away from cancer9

#3 One Lemon a day will help you to reduce fa in your body  6

#4 One cup milk a day will keep away from bone probles

#5  An  apple a day will keep away from doctor
#6 Always answer your phone from the left ear.

#7 Do not eat heavy meals after 5PM. Make a rule to have heavy breakfast and light dinner.


#8 Always drink more water in the morning and less in the night time for better digestion.

#9 The best time to relax your body and sleep is from 10PM to4AM

#10 Never lie down immediately after taking the medicine. Take a walk or do some physical activity.

#11 Do not answer your phone when the battery is less than 10% because the radiation is 1000 times stronger.

#12 Do not take medicine with cold water.Always take it with lukewarm or hot water

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