True side of implementation of Reservation Policy in JNU; Only 9 professors in reserved category

Jawaharlal Nehru University has been the center of focus of media for many reasons but recently it hits the headlines as soon as RTI produces statistics of the acting professors in various departments. According to RTI’s latest report, the existing professors in JNU has total number of 111 out of which 100 belong to the general category, 9 belong to the SC category, and 2 belong to the PH category.

However 215 Associate professors belong to the general category, 17, 4, 2 belong to SC, ST, PH category respectively making out a total of 238 seats. Whereas 252 Assistant Professors are there in which 174 came under general category.

Apart from this, 606 teachers are also present out of which 489 are from general category. Only 20% of teachers have been appointed on the basis of reservation.

However, this shocking report reveals that where people criticize the reservation policy says general category lag behind, this report is enough to shut those mouths as here the reserved ones haven’t got their own reserved seats; general category overshadowed the reservations in JNU.

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