Transexual activist Kalki encouragingly becoming the voice of voiceless among many

LGBT community is getting recognition and widely accepted all over the world. This recognition provides another goal for developing India to achieve for a better society. Since, our childhood we see how transgender or hijras are treated in our society. It is such hypocrisy that on one hand, their blessings are considered purest of all where on the other their presence among us on regular permanent days are considered bane.

A glass ceiling that has been constructed for them by the society kept them from reaching the heights of success. But here is a beautiful person who understands the importance of being free, accepted and independent especially in LGBT community .This person is Kalki Subramaniam; a transgender rights activist, artist, actor, writer and entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu.

She is the first transsexual woman in India to do a lead role in a motion picture. For over 10 years, she works for establishing social, economic, and environmental justice for Trans genders, intersex and gender non-confirming people and to eliminate oppression and exclusion. In 2008, she founded the Sahodari Foundation, an organization that advocates for transgender people in India.

The organization is based in Kottakarai, Auroville in Tamil Nadu state in India. Kalki founded this organization for social, economic, and political justice for transgender people and gender nonconforming people in 2008. Kalki took note of how Trans people are denied recognition and access to every small thing which a man or a woman can easily get. Instead they become a stock of criticism, humiliation, and mocked at.

Hence, there begins the good work of Sahodari Foundation because the activists here realize that this is a serious issue less talked about and stood against, so there is an extreme need to raise this issue as humiliation, injustice not a story of single Trans but there a number of Trans people who are forced to shame themselves just because there are born different from the assigned gender roles or they choose to be women.

And Sahodari Foundation is a hope and a savior for Trans people all over the country where they can ask whatever they want without any hesitation. Since 2012, there focus is on legal recognition and campaigned in many places in India among the Judiciary for legal recognition.

Her task and courage must be appreciated for there are only a few who takes the charge to take care of the backward communities and include them in mainstream culture.

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