Top 5 symptoms that tell your parents that Results will be coming soon.

Life is full of stress, frustrations and demands. When these are caused by thinking about the coming exam results then the situation actually worsens.
It might happen you don’t want to share this with your parents but knowingly unknowingly you give certain signs and symbols to your parents that make them aware that the dreaded Results are somehow approaching soon.

Following are the signs that make parents realize-

1.) You often get last-minute headaches, stomach aches, or other physical symptoms.This is the most common way to prevent scolding from parents. Act being sick and your parents will make you the priority and leave results aside.
But remember once you are well be ready for the emotional, social as well as educational bantering.

2.) Every time Your Parents ask about Results you try to negotiate the topicResult time is fearful undoubtedly. But every time you neglect that topic diverting to other stuff you are deepening the horror of exam results that actually confirms your fear to your parents.

3.) Isolating yourselfAs the Result time approaches nearer you tend to isolate yourself from friends & family. Speaking less & losing spirits among the semiotics that convey to your parents about your inside fear.
4.) Behavioural SymptomsSome other signs and symbols that you give your parents includes eating too much or too less. Likewise sleeping too much or too less. Nail biting is yet another symptom by which parents can make out your anxiety about the upcoming results.
5.) MoodinessMood Swings change very often that time. It may happen you are lively, happy & gay but suddenly you think of exam Results and become annoyed! You may act short tempered or get irritated quickly.
By the end of the day you need to admit that you’ll have to face the Results. Hiding it from parents may worsen the situation. You gotta realize that ups and downs are a part of daily life routine. And one result doesn’t define your life. Look at the bigger picture and be fine. Everything will fall in place ultimately and it’s going to be alright. You got this!

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