Top 10 Travel Destinations This Summer

With our favourite summer season on the horizon, a slew of travel bugs have been gazing into their crystal balls to decide their choice of destinations of summer 2018. Over the last few years, travelling has become the coolest hobby one can have. And, to be honest, we don’t know what took so long. Visiting a new city, trying new experiences or even just taking a break to enjoy the picturesque view of the beach… There is literally no good reason to not travel. So as we enter this summer, get your planners out to block out your vacation dates. You know what they say – the sooner the better.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the homework for you and collated the best of 10 top summer travel destinations. And the best part is you need not to worry about tickets etc., as GOAIR is here to serve you with their most convenient and affordable services thereby offering special goair offers on selected flights across several countries. Turn the vacation mode on!

  1. Zurich, Switzerland
    Nestled between the beautiful Swiss Alps is the city of Zurich, a global centre for banking and finance. The picturesque lanes of the old town, reflects its pre-medieval history. The Alps’ prettiest ski place. It is neither the highest mountain in the Alps nor the hardest to climb. But something about the elegance of its form and the splendour of its situation contrives to make it the most mountain-like of mountains. Being a famous mountain retreat, Zurich undoubtedly tops the charts when it comes to the best summer holiday destinations in the world.
  2. Paros, Greece
    Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Paros is one of the most stylish islands in Greece which is famous for its beaches and rural villages. The whole town is painted in white which strikes a balance with the turquoise waters and blue skies to treat your eyes with exhilarating views. You can definitely hit the Kolimbithres beach, camp at Agia Irini, visit the Golden Beach, and enjoy the horseback riding tours.
  3. Bali, Indonesia
    Can we ever say that we are just enough of beaches? No. never. And, then comes just one destination to our mind – Bali. Much has been written and said about the majestic island already. Full of magnificent beaches, as well as breathtaking mountains, valleys and lakes it is an ideal spot to escape your daily grind for a fabulous holiday. To add to this is the rich cultural history of the island which makes it a heavenly destination in Asia for all your senses. You can not only relax with your loved ones on the beach, gazing at the vastness of the sea but can also try some spell bounding things on your trip to Bali.

    When in Bali, you need to visit Balangan, one of the most gorgeous beaches on the entire island of Bali. Adventure lovers can also learn to surf on the Kuta Beach, can climb Mount Batur for a gorgeous sunrise, can go rafting on Ayung River at Sayan or visit the Uluwatu temple to see the famous Kecak dance at sunset. All set?

  4. Seychelles, East Africa
    Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 idyllic islands nestled in azure waters but it isn’t just the otherworldly beaches, luxury resorts, or alluring palms that make it special! What makes Seychelles special are the sensory experiences that are unleashed on guests the moment they step foot on the islands.  Seychelles is synonymous with a flawless beach paradise. Set in the Indian Ocean, with shimmery coastline, smooth white sand beaches, palm-lined shores, and crystal clear waters, Seychelles is absolutely one of the stunning and best summer holiday destinations in the world.

  5. Hoi An, Vietnam
    None of the ancient towns in the world are as perfect as the city of Hoi An in Vietnam. Preserved with utmost care and connected via canals, Hoi An is a perfect canvas of mixed cultures and traditions. Famous for its love for food, Hoi An is an architectural marvel, stylish in its decor, and vibrant as its soul. Take a cooking class in Hoi An City which is known for its excellence in food and drinks.

  6. Koh Samui, Thailand
    While there are too many places to see and explore in Thailand, Koh Samui is amongst the perfect summer vacation spots in the world for holidaying with your loved ones. By offering experiences like partying on the beach all night to indulging in all kinds of adventure, this place truly knows how to make a summer break memorable! Indulge in snorkelling and scuba diving, attend the famous parties, go for sea kayaking, relax with a spa therapy, and more.
  7. Gulmarg, India

    Just as the summer heat gets even more unbearable, stop everything and head to India’s meadow of flowers – Gulmarg. If you too are drenched in summer’s bad sweat, then it’s time for you to take a trip to Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir. Tired of Mumbai ka fashion? Then try Kashmir ka mousam. The place is well-known for having the world’s highest and Asia’s longest cable car project which is called ‘Gulmarg Gondola’. No, this is not all! Gulmarg has much more to offer when it comes to sightseeing.

    Gulmarg provides with the best Himalayan view which you really can’t afford to miss. Trek lovers? Gulmarg is a popular trekking base. So without further ado, book your tickets to Gulmarg ASAP.

  8. Hamburg, Germany

    Located in the northern part of Germany, Hamburg is a global trading port, which is also known as the ‘Gateway to the World’. Whether it is extraordinary experiences like attending a night of Andalusian flamenco at the world-class concert hall or the rich cultural side of the city, a summer vacation here surely turns out be like none other.
  9. Paris, France

    Did anyone say that Paris is always a good idea? Well, we can’t agree more. Let’s go a bit further with this and say France, as a whole, is a very good idea this summer. The country is brimming with incredible destinations to discover, from the Flemish Lille in the north to the sulphurous Marseille port city on the Mediterranean coast. So, if you plan on travelling to France this summer, indulge your wanderlust by ticking off some utterly amazing destinations on your itinerary list. For a beautiful experience, you must explore the Old Port that has been in trading action for many years.

    The best time to visit France is from June to July. You can also visit places such as Notre-Dame de la Garde, Palais Longchamp, Marseille Cathedral, and more. Do not forget to do the Kayaking in Old Port and caving, hiking at Calanque de Morgiou.

  10. Whistler, Canada

    Located in the Coast Mountains, Whistler in Canada also makes as one of the great summer holiday destinations. With so many intriguing experiences like exploring the hiking trails, going on a bear tour, and more, taking a trip to this town means witnessing the shining gem of Canada all at once.

    It’s summers already and we all are looking for a long getaway! From the lofty peaks and the majestic mountains to the exotic islands; the world has a lot of options to help you chill out. We have already booked our tickets with GOAIR, have you?

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