The blood red colured  fruit that everyone used to neglect bags the 1st position in this article. Pomegranates are perfect balance between tart and sweet. They are highly rich in dietary fibres and consist high amount of vitamin D. It is a powerpack of antioxidants that gives your brain an instantaneous booze. At the grocery store pickup the heaviest pomegranate—it would be juiciest

2) CINNAMONIn our desi language it is known as “DAAL CHINNI” and is staple ingredients in our kitchens. It is most important ingredients in preparing various desserts. Cinnamon contains essential oils that have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. People prone to cough and cold must have have it with honey. It reduces pain linked to arthritis.

3) CITRUS FRUITThe sour and sweet taste of citrus fruit is unforgettable. Citrus fruit include ORANGES,GRAPES and LEMONS. Theses fruits are pack with lot of vitamin c and dietary fibres. Digesting these fruits regularly can help you in loosing extra killos. These fruits are low in calories so they can be taken many a times in a day
4) DATE PALM“DATE PALM” is the fruit king of the deserts. It has various health benefits ranging from constipation to sexual disorders. It is the only sweet fruit that helps in reliving from constipation. It is a loaded with potassium and various vitamins. It is a natural energy booster and provides strength to bones. It also cures sexual malfunction. NOTE- Gymhaloics must avoid this fruit as it has large amount of sugar…
In day to day life we all have come across various ads, pamphlets and articles about this mini powerpack of fibres. Oats are the brownish cereal grains that must be taken by every individual in winters. It helps in lowering cholesterol due to the presence of beta-glucan. It also contain omega-3 fatty acids and potassium which helps in the proper functioning of brain. It is staple diet for gymrats as it has nil calories.
Ya, you got me right !!! “GOND KE LADDU”, which our moms used to make as winters knock. They are loaded with high caloric values which gives a high amount of energy to our body. They are made up of jaggery mixed with dry fruits and coconut crush and fried gum crystals(dinka—gond). Travellers must pack these laddus in their bags to boost their energy whenever they feel down. They help in building our immune system to fight winter’s diseases.
7) GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLESGreen leafy vegetables include spinach, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli and more. All these vegetables are crowded with proteins which helps in building our cells. They have zero calories and high amount of dietary fibres. The can be digested in various forms i.e. Salad, soup, boiled salad. They are highly rich in antioxidants, water content and various vitamins. They are surely not to be missed in this season.
8) CHICKEN SOUPThough it is coming in last but still it leaves behind many nutritious food items present in the market. It is the oldest dishes of western culture and also most prominent. Chicken soup is a natural energy booster and immune builder. It helps to cure cough, clears sinuses, strengthen the immune and disinfect the throat. Also chicken soup is advisable for all people whether they want to loose calories or to maintain good health.
9) AVOCADO( alligator pear)
This fruit is surely not to be missed in this dry season. It is a type of pears having hard and blackish coloured peel. This food is day by day becoming popular due to its high nutritious value. It consists about 26% Vitamin K and small amounts of minerals. They contain more potassium than banana and are loaded with heart healthy monosaturated fatty acids. They are loaded with lot of fibres and powerful antioxidants. They also help in curing arthritis.
10) FISH
Fish is among the healthiest foods on the planet. It is loaded with many nutrients and vitamins which vegetarians don’t get in their whole life and thus end up eating pills and medicines in the end. To meet omega-3 fatty acids requirements one should surely go for it. Eating fish lowers the heart attack and reduces decline of brain in old age. It increases eye vision and increases face glitter. And lastly it is very delicious. It can be consume in any form whether it is tikka or gravy.

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