Today freshers mark their debut in Delhi University

“Next Metro Station is VishwaVidyalaya.”

Agla Metro Station VishwaVidyalayahai.”

Today was the day for all the freshers to be welcomed to the orientations of their respective colleges. Metro here was normally crowded, but the crowd today was immense. Hundreds and thousands of people turned up from various parts of nation to become a part of this huge educational festival.

Housing nine colleges for under-graduates, The North Campus of the University of Delhi today witnessed thousands of new faces, like every year. The rickshawwalaahs had a busy day, but a good income today. Starting the academic session for the under-graduate batch of 2016-2019, 20th of July was a big day for many of the nervous-excited-super-excited minds of the nation. Welcoming students from all over India and outside of the nation too, the day could not be fulfilled without the presence of media. The focus of the media persons were large flocks of students, some who came with their parents, some having a known senior in the college and some being alone. But the day had to offer a lot to many of them. After all,they are college students now. From high heels to charming dresses, the Fucchas now have the full opportunity to enjoy some action.

The large number of students in the University of Delhi will be a batch who will be running the nation after a few years. These three years they will be spending in their respective colleges will nurture their growth and will prepare them to bear the responsibilities to lift India to the status of the world power. No doubt, India has lot of hidden talent. Hopefully, it is the time that this talent is nurtured, the potential is explored and the productivity will increase, for sure.

In the end, wishing all the first years a very happy and productive college life. Rock It

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