The World is set to welcome another International Yoga Day

Yoga is indeed a holistic way of life which rejuvenates your body , mind and soul. The extraordinary practise and the outstanding results due to this age old practice requires nothing but appreciations . Having its origin from the pre Vedic tradition, this is still followed globally . With the coming up of another June 21, the world is here all set to welcome another International Yoga Day after its inception in the last year after the declaration by UN General Assembly on December 11,2014 almost unanimously.
How is Delhi celebrating it?
Various organisation in the city are gearing up for the celebration of the same, the event organised in Connaught Place by NDMC is expecting 10,000 participants and will have Syrian special yoga performances by visually challenged and differently abled people. Nesari, from ministry of AYUSH says that they are expecting 2,000 participants in Nehru Park which would also include diplomats from the embassies .Lodhi Garden’s event will include around 350 participant from Patanjali Yoga Samiti with an Indian classical music concert.

PM for tomorrow
Prime Minister Modi would perform yoga in Chandigarh where ministry of AYUSH is organising “the national event of mass yoga demonstration”

How China prepares it?
Yoga in China is gender driven with far fewer men than women practicing the art. You could see hundreds of young students practicing it with the help of authentic masters which also signifies India’s soft power push in China however, finding good teacher still remains a problem. Whereas many students carry the view that yoga is something “unmanly”.

At this very moment it is important to note that PM suggested this day of 21 June as IYD ,because of being the longest day of northern hemisphere which is holds scientific importance plus is regarded as auspicious in some parts of the worldPhotoGrid_1466454575996

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