The Significance of Syllabus Revision

Revising curriculum is a very important procedure that happens periodically across any educational sector every few years. A revision of the syllabus usually occurs after reviewing it. A review is done to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum after it has been implemented and to reflect on what students did and did not get out of it. Thereafter, a revision is implemented by modifying the curriculum using the data obtained from the review. Review and revision are important because they enable the teachers to consider the ways in which the curriculum interacts with the students in the school environment. EBalbharti is an online platform where students can download the higher secondary textbooks of the latest revision based on ebalbharti 12th new syllabus 2020.

What is EBalBharti?

The platform is an initiative by the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production & Curriculum Research, Pune. It provides all sorts of learning material such as textbooks and others in a digital (PDF) format which the students can download and use.

In the current scenario of countrywide lockdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the state’s publishing bureau has uploaded the Class 12th textbooks on the site. Almost all textbooks of Science and Commerce streams are available while some from the Arts stream have also been published. The books are in accordance with the syllabus revision exercise undertaken by the government over the last few years and follow the ebalbharti 12th new syllabus.

Why Curriculum Revision is Significant?

A curriculum can be defined to be a starting point for attaining goals of education. It is a blueprint of an educational program. The basis for any major curriculum revision is to significantly improve the existing one filling the loopholes and advancing and/or updating the facts and concepts.

The process of curriculum revision helps in the assessment of educational needs that may arise in the future in the existing curriculum along with a determination of what needs to be different and the selection of possible solutions to problems and the means by which these necessary changes can be achieved. This revision gives the curriculum a much-needed change along with a new position or direction. This is the idea behind the initiative by the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production & Curriculum Research to update the syllabus and upload the new textbooks based on the ebalbharti 12th new syllabus for the use of students.

Some of the needs for a revised curriculum are:

  • To restructure the curriculum according to the needs, interests, and/or abilities of the learner.
  • To eliminate unnecessary content, details, chapters, and teaching methods.
  • To introduce the latest and updated methods of teaching, newer content, new knowledge, and practices.
  • To add or reduce the number of teaching hours as required.
  • To correlate between students’ theory courses and learning practices.
  • To select learning experiences based on the objectives of the study rather than on the service needs of the society.

The Impact of Technology

The advancement in technology today is such that education has become easily accessible to anyone and everyone. Students are able to attain high-quality certificate courses over the internet tutored by professionals. Even in the current situation of lockdown due to the global pandemic known as COVID-19, the educational sector is still going on with students being offered a lot of free courses by various institutions and online portals. The government should, therefore, decide with the help of educational boards to incorporate such technological changes into the curriculum. EBalBharti can take these changes into account while revising the curriculum for ebalbharti 12th new syllabus.

Exams can be made online rather than adopting the traditional way of pen and paper. There may be doubts regarding the authenticity of such exams as there will be no real-time control over the students who will be able to cheat easily. But this is not the case. There are various technologies available to counter such practices such as the use of a Safe Exam browser which prohibits the use of anything else while the exam is being conducted. Webcams can be used to monitor the students taking the exam. For those who do not have a computer or internet facility, a mobile exam facility can be created.

The government can also take measures to provide certificate courses that improve the skills of the students thus enabling them to acquire even more knowledge and become much more employable with additional skillset. Such changes will in effect transform the whole education sector in the country bringing the level of education even higher.

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