The secret MANTRA of Happiness!

I don’t know why, but today, not only for the sake of expressing my views… but with a keen wish to share something, I am writing this article.

Although a simple nine letter word, but the entire world revolves around it –HAPPINESS.

This word has different meanings for different people. A poor guy may consider richness as happiness, an aged man would see happiness in youth, a person who is single would see happiness in commitment, a person who has failed would consider success as happiness… and the list may go on and on…

And definitely, there is no single definition for this term. But why is HAPPINESS the most desired thing in life? I know it seems like a stupid question… but would say… that the answer to this question is equally thoughtless as well- “happiness is desired to be happy”.
But, is gain of money the only thing that can make the poor person happy…? Or only a commitment will bring happiness in the life of the single person…? Or achievement of a goal would be the only thing that can make the failed person happy..?

Surely not, one demand fulfilled will give rise to the creation of another demand and hence the reason to celebrate happiness will always get postponed. And if this stays as the trend, one would never achieve HAPPINESS in his/her life.
Therefore, it is very essential that along with finding happiness in every bit of life, one must also celebrate it to the fullest. Shout… dance… scream… eat… laugh… do whatever your heart says!

I know, everyone has ups and downs in life -might be on financial level, on emotional basis, or career oriented etc… there would be plenty of reasons to be tensed and upset. But, if tried with an honest effort by heart, the probability to find one such reason that would make one forget those plenty reasons is 100%. So, the need is just to try!

Also, I would like to share one secret mantra of happiness. When in life, everyone appears hopeless and everything seems wrong… just go, stand in front of the mirror and smile …! And let your heart feel the beauty and the ultimate strength of your smile. Let your face shine with the sparkle of your smile!

That smile would definitely lead to the formation of a wave of optimism in your life; which would result in making your problems appears so small that you will solve or get the way to solve them in just a few seconds! Don’t believe me…? At least try… I’m very sure… it will work if you try it by heart. It’s said that you don’t achieve anything unless and until you try to get it… so to achieve this most desired thing of your life- HAPPINESS.. Just stand up right now…

The only need is… To smile… !!

[author image=”” ]I am Kanika Pasrija, a student of in IGDTU. I am a girl with plenty of hobbies and interests.My passion for writing encourages me to express my views on various topics and working as a Campus reporter at Aapka Times.[/author]



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