THE SCIENCE IN 2015- milestones achieved.

Before we head over to 2016, let’s visit all the milestones achieved in 2015, with the series of Science…

January- Lifespan of Fruit Flies Lengthen
Sounds amusing but yes the urge to increase the human lifespan has gained some momentum with a small step to extend the life of Fruit Flies up to 60% by activation of a gene that destroys the unhealthy cells. By this gene all the unhealthy cells do not eliminate at once but the ageing process of the cells is delayed.

February- Drought Resistant Plants
A team of Scientists led by Sean Cutler in California successes in making the plants drought resistant with a chemical that closes the stomata pores on the leaves to prevent loss of water.

March – Ocean found on Mars
An ocean having more water than the Arctic Ocean found on the Red Planet by NASA using Keck II Telescope in Chile.

April- Forests losing Power to Soak C
A team of Researchers led by University of Leeds, studied Amazons, reporting Forests are almost done with Carbon(C) with the passing Decades, Further talking about increasing the tree morality rate.

May- Say Hi,To OPAH!
Found in Australia, US and in a few more countries Opah is the first known fully warm blooded Fish.Yeah!! Just like mammals, Opah creates heat by flapping its fins, maintaining a temperature of 4-5°C under Water.

June- Sixth Great Extinction
Journal ‘Science Advances’ brings to the fore the crucial and much to be worried about topic of Mass extinction. Human Impact has increased this extinction to about 100 times but till date it is limited to animals only. This situation hasn’t been witnessed over the last 65 million years.

July- New Horizons across Pluto
NASA’s New Horizons reached closer to the Dwarf Planet. It not just investigated Pluto but also four new Moons in the system- Nix, Kerberos, Hydra and Styx.

August- First 3D Printed Pill
US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a Pill Spiritam, which treats Epilepsy. Epilepsy patients find their pills difficult to swallow which is tackled by this 3D pill.

September- Water on Mars gets confirmed
NASA confirmed liquid water on the Red Planet.

October- Impossible to bear Heat Waves for Humans.
Journal ‘Nature Climate Change’ found that by 2070 the Gulf region will have terrible heat waves that will be beyond Human Endurance.

November- SURENA III-Farsi Speaking Humanoid
Surena III, 98kg and 6.2ft, uses Voice Recognition & Speech Modules to interact. The only Farsi speaking humanoid is developed by University of Tehran.

December- India’s very own GPS by 2016!
Kudos!! By 2k16 we’ll have our very own GPS to about 20 meters which will extensively cover the Rural India as told by ISRO.

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