The Right Priorities, the Wrong Step!

  •  Keshav Chhabra

We all are aware of the turbulence caused in the politics of the capital of the nation, Delhi, due to the emergence of a new political party, AAP, which emerged with the election symbol of jhadoo (broom) in order to present their aim of removing corruption from the country. Though the 49-day government managed to be in the top of the newspaper headlines, the party had to face critics hardly, for resigning from the capital.
The result was also observed in the Lok Sabha Elections where the party failed everywhere, but in Punjab. Now as the limelight has been covered by the Modi government, Arvind Kejriwal and his party managed to raise a very important issue which was ignored, and still continues to be ignored by most state governments. This is the smooth working of the government offices and authorities.
One of the nightmares of a common man is to get some work done from the governmental offices in the region. The horror of waiting in the long line for hours and still, no work being done, still continues to terrify the aam aadmi of India.
The Aam Aadmi Party quite efficiently managed to start removing the corruption from the government offices. Many sting operations and helpline numbers, to which the people were to contact in case any demand of bribe was made by the officials.
Along with this, the AAP volunteers were seen working in the offices, which resulted in increasing the pace of the government. No doubt, Kejriwal had observed the large scale corruption while serving as Chief minister.
But it could not stretch further, as the government resigned after its 49-day term. They surely were able to hit the right chords, which now can become a good example for many state governments. Surely, the right priorities, but the wrong step.

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