THE PERIODIC INVENTION: Periodic Table’s seventh row makes an addition of 4 new elements.

International Union of Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) makes an inclusion of four
new elements to the periodic table, precisely – 113,115,117 and 118 being their
atomic numbers. IUPAC released that the evidences provided by the Russian-
American team of scientists, researching at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
in Dubna and Lawrence, suffice their merit to patent the making of these elements.

Ever since 2011, it’s for the first time that the periodic table has been updated.
These chemicals were made in the laboratory. Added to it, they are heavy and
extremely radioactive, making them all the more unstable. These inventions have
aroused the hopes for heavier and more useful elements which can be produced by
the fusion of lighter elements in future.

A team of scientists from Russia, America and from the Riken Institute of Japan
have been awarded for such a great invention. Calculating names and symbols is
already under process. A possibility of them to be named after mythological
notions, countries, minerals and scientists is there. In a span of five months,
roughly estimated names and symbols would be drafted for public approval, before
making the final decision. The faculties of Chemistry educationists, await the
completion of the table.

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