The New Big Release: Microsoft to launch Windows 10 soon

What’s the next big release? It’s definitely not an action packed Hollywood flick. Nor a masala Bollywood one. Microsoft – the big IT giant – will have the unveiling of its new OS Windows 10 for consumers worldwide very soon. 29th July is the tentative date. Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 at the end of 2013, but that does not mean that the Microsoft team immediately went on a holiday. This new OS will undo many messy bits that both critics and users didn’t like about Windows 8 and shall also bring back home Windows 7 elements. Windows 7 will be offered as a free download to customers already using Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 for an entire year. What’s exciting about this new OS is that it is a scalable system software that will function on all the other devices under Microsoft’s banner, that includes laptops, tablets, desktop computers, Xbox one and even smartphones. It seems like Windows 10 might clearly try and simplify things for both consumers and developers. So there’s no reason why tech-lovers should not get excited about it. You can say “Hey, Cortana” to bring up Cortana on a PC or tablet. She knows 7 languages now and can do so much more by answering with relevant results to the questions you ask out loud. Cortana also keeps a notebook about you that includes your interests and device usage habits. What’s next are you gonna ask for? A web browser? Alright, forget Internet Explorer, the long derided browser will be replaced by the newly announced Project Spartan Browser. So from the resurrected Start menu and multitasking tools to unified settings and Universal Apps, the new platform will offer a bevy of new features. Its fair to say excitement has reached pretty incredible levels with Microsoft’s such leapfrogging. So tech-freaks hold your breath while you mark the date you officially meet the new invention. Savvy, eh?

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