The Modi wave in the current Lok Sabha election-

Rahul Kumar Das for AT:

Of late the 16th Lok Sabha election in India has garnered a lot of attention in the world media. Many say that it would be a significant episode in the political development of India. Voting takes place in over 543 constituencies. According to the Election Commission of India, the election population is over 814.5 million. Many political observers have estimated that the BJP led National democratic alliance would win around 317 of these 543 constituencies. However, the result of this election would be declared on 16th of May but most of the political observers and opinion makers have expressed that Modi has very good chances of winning this time over his rival Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. In Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh alone, the BJP is estimated to sweep around 85 seats for the NDA.

Quite recent the ruling Congress party in India was involved in a series of corruption issues like the 2G spectrum scam, the Coal allocation scam and it was even accused of the some members of the parliament to survive a no confidence motion. Kamal Nath of the Congress party was more specifically accused in this case.

And then there was Aam Admi Party government in Delhi that only existed for 49 days and was more in news for its activist attitude. The government dissolved as the Jan Lokpal bill was not introduced in Delhi assembly. Many people from time to time had expressed discontent with this moved made by the AAP.

Modi on certain occasions has said that he strongly emphasis the need for education and linking research with education that will enable the skills of the youth. He is also a strong proponent of building Universities that specifically train academicians.

He has also expressed that education has come to become a matter of luxury for many, and he strongly wishes to reverse this process.

Modi also claims to have worked tremendously in the pharmaceutical sector and claims that under his leadership Gujarat massive contribution of around 45% to the pharmaceuticals of the entire country.

Modi has time to time expressed the need to improve the urban management sector and open some colleges for youth to train them with this. And he has also expressed the need to the tourism sector of the country, as in his opinion this country has good potential to improve its tourism sector.

However Modi has also been applauded for achieving robust growth rate in Gujarat. And therefore he often acknowledges the free space that must be given to the corporate sector to flourish .

However Modi has his share of critics as well. Modi has often faced attacks and perceived to be complicit in the 2002 Gujarat riots. A section of observers even say that they have closely assessed many riot in the country like the 1984 Sikh riot, a series of riot in Meerut and Melliana in the 1980s , the Bombay issue in 1993, the outrage in Jammu in 1989. Apart from these small riots that broke out in Biharsharif, Bhiwandi, Jamshedpur. And they say that leave the 1984 Sikh massacre, the Congress and BJP had secretly orchestrated these riots for their political benefit. They even very much involved in the communal polarisation process that was followed by the Babri Masjid demolition.

Apart from this, the BJP led by Modi would face stiff criticism from the left forces of the country due to their ideological differences. And Modi had faced some comments about being negligible and apathetic to the farmers.

Modi has also been criticized for not paying much attention to the uplift of women in Gujarat and the incessant malnourishment that women face.



(Rahul Kumar Das is political Editor at आपका Times)

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