The God Affected

While I was sitting with two of my best friends, after a hell lot of work and sweat dripping from every pore of our bodies, a very controversial issue came up when I said, I am an atheist. Google terms it as, ‘a person who disbelieves or lacks faith in the existence of God or Gods.’ Yes, I am one of those human beings who lack faith in God. It’s not that I was ignorant towards it right from birth. I am an Indian for “so called” God’s sake. I have been raised to believe in God, and then believe to the fact that I will ultimately go to heaven and do a little ballroom dance with Lord Shiv, Ram, Indra, etc.

I was thirteen when I realized that I was fooled all the way right through my childhood. I realized God is an institutional way of burdening our regrets and mistakes to someone anonymous, so that we get rid of the seeds that we sow everyday. Not that I didn’t visit temples and other religious places ever in my life. My parents and my sisters worship almost every other Indian Gods and Goddesses. They thought I must be Psychologically Depressed about something, so they made me search for my spirituality. Then I thought, that we all are such hypocrites being born, living and then going away to where we belong. But still believing on something that is never seen, heard, or ever felt.

Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder where we live in the characters that we imagine and we start thinking that are our imagination is real. Well, what is the difference? We imagine God too, right? Our faith is on someone we have no clue, or reasoning about. Aren’t we Schizophrenic too? Its just that we play the Majority Wins game here. Just because we believe in Theology, we become the normal behavioural creatures, whereas those who do not follow the society becomes the dark wanderers tagging and branding them as Schizophrenics. Normally, people come up with the thinking- “jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai”. And also the fact that I didn’t have any other option, God made me do this. But the reality is we are always aware of our every slightest options that are available for a given situation. It is just that we always listen to what we want to do and if it doesn’t turn out right, we blame it on hypothetical issues like God, Luck, Nakshatra, Gothram, and other such things.

I don’t mean to hurt any sentiments of any elders or those who believe in God. But yes, it is high time we start pondering upon such issues and judge people according to their intellect and not hypothetical belief.

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