The Game Matters the Most

14 July- the day when steps where taken to clean the Indian cricket especially Ipl of all its scandals to make it a true sporting league, the aim with which it was started originally. The recent judgement by the supreme court appointed committee known as the Justice RM Lodha committee in the betting scandal case tried to bring the old sanity and purity in this game of gentlemen.The recent judgment by the committee slapped a suspension on IPL franchishes India Cements Ltd. Which owned Chennai super Kings and Jaipur IPL cricket Ltd. Which owns Rajasthan Royals.This suspension on the 2 franchises is basically due to the involvement of their owners in the betting activity and they are guilty of maintaining close contact with the bookies. Gurunath meiyappan a csk team official and Raj kundra a former Rajasthan royals owner were both found guilty of betting activity and they sold the true spirit and emotions of the game for just few paper notes and started a scandal of betting in such a pure game as cricket.The judgment led to the suspension of the two men for life from any kind of involvement in cricket matches organised by the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI).The committee has carried out the orders of the supreme court which in January 2015 verdict, directed it to fix the quantum of punishment for Mr. Meyippan and Mr.kundra and their respective franchises. Surely this decision would be welcomed by the cricket fans who cherish the purity of the game.But the big question is what would happen to the two teams Chennai super kings and Rajasthan Royals who are the two most popular teams in the Ipl and have a huge legion of fans. Is it right to the punish the whole franchise or fans for the misdemeanor of two individuals? But as justice RM lodha said the spirit of the cricket is larger than any individuals or franchises or financial losses and also the operational rules of the IPL and clauses in the franchise agreement clearly provide for the termination of the franchise for certain kind of misconduct by team officials and the thing is not new in international sports in football also the teams are suspended for the misconduct of the team officials and in any case the BBCI has the option of conducting fresh auctions for both the franchises or let the affected players be bought out by different teams but the judgement is a landmark in itself to protect the spirit of the game and was vital to ensure the continued popularity of the game which is life for 121 crore Indians.


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