The Exciting Day 8 of the Malhaar Virtual Video Film Festival Was Well Worth the Wait!

On the last third day of the Malhaar Virtual Video Film festival, the attendees were served with three fantastic events. The event was initiated with a conversation with well-known artist and NFT artist Vishal Malhotra at 6:00 PM IST. The next two sessions were a process walkthrough with Raddhika Singh at 8:00 PM IST and a masterclass with Adam Slesicki. 

The first event featured an enthralling discussion on the future of web3, NFT art, and his own experience of beginning his own NFT by Indian actor and NFT art enthusiast Vishal Malhotra. Malhotra has appeared in shows like “Hip Hip Hurray,” “Vicky Aur Vetaal,” and the coming-of-age Bollywood rom-com “Ishq Vishqq Pyaar Vyaar.” According to him, NFTs are a part of a groundbreaking technology that will alter the world for the better, and the best way to make the most of it is to embrace it and be a part of it.

He shared his experience, saying, “The far more relevant question is when the web3 technology will take over, as opposed to will it take over. I strongly believe it will, by the way. I mean, why wouldn’t it? It’s called ‘WEB 3 POINT 0’ for a reason. It’s the next revolution in the internet, and you can’t escape new revolutionizing technologies. My advice to one and all, at least all creators, is that at least create a wallet. And start reading on it a bit. There are a lot of possibilities that come out of it. Explore them.”

Later on, after a break of an hour, the next session began with Raddhika Singh. She is the Managing Partner of Aletheiaa Legal, an IP, IT and Data Privacy Firm in India and a lawyer extraordinaire. In the process walkthrough, she shared her expertise and spoke about the finer points of copyrights and how creators should protect their intellectual property. Her motto as a working professional in the field of creativity and art is simple, which is to prioritise the creator’s rights above all else. Her firm beliefs and dedication toward the rights of creators were evident in her flawless session on “your rights, creators.” She provided a wealth of educative information on how creators may use their rights to safeguard themselves against exploitation. Overall, this was one of the most beneficial workshops for creators.

Lastly, with the end of the evening on its way, the film festival had the last event of the day with Adam Slesicki, Founder of DocLab Poland, CEO of Wladyslaw Slesicki Film Foundation, and Producer & Filmmakers’ Angel from Poland. The masterclass was a lively discussion on the aspects of pitching a story idea to producers. In the masterclass, he discussed fixating on central character or narrative, team, assurance of good production capabilities, terms of quality, and delivery timelines.

He believes that story and characters are the core of any movie and that every story has its own narrator. Every narrative is unique, and this is attributable to the writer. He said, “The story and characters are foremost. Talk about the story and how you are the right person to tell the story. What makes you the right person to narrate that particular story? Talk about production, when you’re going to deliver. These points are the crux of what a producer needs to know about.”

These were the events on the eighth day of the Malhaar Virtual Video Film Festival. The audience was blown away by the sincerity and knowledge of the evening’s guests by the end of all the sessions. They had a lot to learn from the day’s activities and were excited to see what else they would learn in the coming days of the film festival.

A number of national award-winning Indian actors, including Adil Husain, Rajit Kapoor, CEO of Applause Entertainment Limited, Sameer Nair, self-taught actor and producer Neeraj Kabi. Along with Amitesh Grover (a theatre artist, author, and associate professor at the National School of Drama). The Singapore International Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize winner K. Rajagopal, short film director Gautam Vaze, and renowned cinematographer Ajayan Vincent will be a part of this year’s esteemed jury. 

This festival is a one-of-a-kind celebration of filmmakers and movie aficionados who wish to enter the world of theatre and dominate every part of it. The Malhaar Global Virtual Video Festival 2022 will feature films from diverse countries and in many languages. The popularity of the inaugural edition resulted in Malhaar receiving thousands of film entries for the current season, resulting in the admission of some exceptional international and regional films from all over the world.

Join the Malhaar Global Virtual Video Festival to see all of these dynamic and fascinating sessions, as well as a live Q&A with the artists. The event will take place from August 19 through August 28. Participate in talks, process walkthroughs, conversations, and masterclasses with diverse artists.

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