Tears for Money

Imagine having a ‘job’ which requires you to go to funerals of unknown people and cry you heart out, literally. Sounds gross, right? Yes, believe it or not, this unusual ‘job’ is still prevalent in some parts of India, specially in Rajasthan.

Rudaali is one of the notorious orthodox practices where mourning was compulsory expressions of uncontrolled emotions by rolling on ground and beating head and breast accompanied by songs in praise of the dead. Primarily, women who live in acute poverty and belong to the lower castes are forced to become Rudaali. Their status in the society is no less than that of a prostitute. A Rudaali can be identified by her trademark appearance – dressed in black and with unkempt hair. They are expected to beat their chests, crying and wailing over the dead and even dancing by scattering themselves with vehement outcry in praise of the deceased. The movie ‘Rudaali’ explains this situation precisely.

It portrays a low caste woman who becomes a victim of Brahmanical patriarchy. The barbarous treatment by the society‘s superiors and feudal lords along with the class oppression and economic misery made women to be Rudaalis. Hence, Rudali refers to a humiliating toil of the low caste women who wail over their caste master‘s death. Sexual exploitation in the form of Rape has since long been seen as an effective method to discipline women who waver away from their ‘Social Duties’. In a nutshell, it can be narrated that Rudaali is a clear indicator of the marginalized status of women in connection with the socio-political scenario.

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