Tea Seller’s Daughter To Study In US’s Top College With A Scholarship Of Rs 3.8 Cr

By: Pragati

There is a will, there is a way.

Sudeeksha Bhati has proved that ‘Hard-work’ is a key of success. Sudeeksha a daughter of a tea-seller is not one of the average children. She knows what it feels too grown up in a poor family where they ends meet with limited annual earnings of Rs 72,000. But believes in writing her own destiny, and only because of her hard work she and her parents are going to the United States of America.

Babson College, the top college of US has awarded scholarship of Rs. 3.8 crore to Tea Seller’s daughter. Now the whole world is admiring Sudeeksha, she is the girl who not only dream, but working towards them to make them real. She is the first generation beginner of the family to study and learn also the first one to drive abroad for further studies.

She has topped her district and attains an outstanding 98% in her CBSE Board Examinations. She got Rs. 3.83 crore Scholarship, 70,428 USD per semester by Babson College for undergraduate program of 4- year. This college is one of the top colleges of USA.

She is also associated with and helps families send their daughters to school and Voice of Women initiative, an organization that fights eve teasing. She is one of the achievers of Vidyagyaan Leadership Academy and Sudeeksha also takes care of Shiv Nadar Foundation in UP, established in 2009, this organization helps deserving rural underprivileged children to brighten their future.

During an interview with ‘TIMES NOW’ Sudeeksha says- “I am happy that I could achieve my dream of studying in the United States. The realization that hard work pays off has further motivated me to be focused and aim higher. I am happy that my achievement is today a source of happiness for my family and my school. I am positive and hopeful that I will continue to work hard and accomplish my dreams and make my family and school proud of me.”

Sudeeksha is now an inspiration for many other students who want to make their family proud and fulfil their dreams.





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