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Meet this Lady Biker from Jamia who is gaining national attention

When a CBR Repsol enters Jamia campus, heads turns, eyes rolls and yes some people do drop their tea cups watching a hijabi girl riding a sports bike. A place where the woman wears hijab and burka from the same place hails this super woman, who is a windchaser. She has redefined womanhood in the world where people are still deciding the length of clothes that a girl should wear. She isn’t just a role model for all the ladies who dreams to fly or ride but a companion to those who dream and dare to chase their passions. The bikerni of Jamia is our today’s campus celebrity who is known by different names yet nobody knew her by her original so, Aapka Times reach out to her to know more about her and her bikes.
Roshni Misbah is a first-year student of M.A Arab and culture studies, a hijabi bikerni of Jamia gaining national attention. What makes her special is none other than her affection for bikes. She is a rider mind you, breaking the stereotypical image of a hijab-wearing woman she is the first bikerni from Jamia. She comes from a Punjabi Muslim family, she was born and brought up in Delhi, and she completed her schooling from Cambridge school, New Delhi.

Some passions are cultivated and some are inherited”
She inherits this passion for riding from her Father, her hero. Her journey from the first bike ride to her latest upgraded version was challenging. In pursuit of her dreams, Roshni has covered a long distance and still, she got to travel miles. From her savings she bought her first bike, she patiently waited for the moment where she got to reveal her love for bikes, finally, one day she mustered up her courage to ask her dad that she wants a bike, not a scooter, she was adamant that she will get a bike first not a scooter. There she was riding Avenger after that, her own bike. Throughout her entire journey, her constant motivation came from her father, who is a professional biker. Currently, she rides with biking groups, ‘Windchaser’, Avengers’club’, ‘Brother’s on wheel’ and ‘Delhi Enfield club’. Bikes that move this girl includes Avenger, thunderbird, CBR repsol, Royal Enfiled, Suzuki intruder 1800 and many more on her wish list.

Here is an excerpt from a conversation of Asna Azhar of Aapka Times with Roshni Misbah .

What Inspired you to become a Biker and how the interest developed?
The First time I got onto the Riders seat was on a friend’s motorbike way back in class 9th. It was Fun and I would ride it occasionally. But the Passion grew when Dad got an 1800cc Suzuki Intruder. As a Pillion Rider, I would get chills and always thought of Riding it on my own.
And that was the moment I thought that yeah dude you need a bike now
All my childhood Abba Mujhe Apni Enfield par ghumate they !!(Throughout my childhood I rode upon enfiled with my dad.) and he has a very antique royal Enfield.

How does it feel when you ride the bike?
It’s always awesome. I took my first ride when I was in grade 9, back in school, the moment is still fresh in my mind. By the time I bought my avenger I knew how to ride a bike very well.

Your father always supported you, what was your mother’s reaction?
She was happy initially, like she knew biking was in my genes. Later, I started going out in rallies and fame started touching my life, then she was a bit concerned, though she knew what’s coming ahead, she has always extended her support for me from that day she and my dad they are my pillars of success.

What’s your aim in life?
I want to become a business woman, just like my dad. I want to expand my family business, ride bikes, spread awareness about biking and encourage young ladies to ride bikes.

Which is your favourite place in Jamia?
My Arab culture centre, my friends there and everyone who have given me and my bike a special place. The first day I went there on my bike people were astonished though they contently created a huge space for my bike and me in their hearts very soon, they proved to be the best of people. And yes, I love Jamia.

What’s your message for your community?
My message to Muslim women is that being modest is not a bad idea nor it’s orthodox , modesty or wearing hijab shouldn’t be a hurdle to your passions and dreams, moreover, It never holds you back, it’s the prejudices that’s doing the harm. I encourage my friends to ride the bikes and they are keen to learn this.

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