1. Don’t think much when it comes to expressing to your closed ones.
Although actions speak louder than words but at times, if you express your feelings with words to your closed ones, the feeling of happiness which they get is just beyond words. So, don’t wait for any occasion to express your feeling of love, care or affection for your loved ones. I agree, some bonds don’t need words but there is no harm even. Besides making you both happy, this thing will have remarkable positive affect on your relation.

2. Don’t ever miss an opportunity when you can make someone else happy.
Happiness: one common desire of all of us. Sources of happiness for one may vary from person to person but the best source is common for all of us – ‘making others happy.’
Make even a single person happy and witness your level of happiness reaching cloud nine.

3. Don’t take anyone as granted.
Undoubtedly, our bust schedule nowadays has led us to a position where we take many of our closed ones for granted intentionally or unintentionally. But, step into their shoes and then you would realise what blunder you are making in your life. So, go… get up! And correct it! And realize their importance before they go too far from you.

4. Don’t think much before apologizing even if you doubt that it was your mistake.
We all must have come across a quote – “You should apologize if you value your relation more than your ego.”

Honestly, I respect the word ‘sorry’ a lot! So, I believe, you should use it only when you mean it. But, yes, even if you think “maybe, it was my mistake…” you should apologize! As it won’t make you small but would bring an end to a big mess of your life.

5. Don’t even utter a word of disrespect for parents.
A lesson taught us since childhood – ‘Respect you elders.’

But, maybe some of us have forgotten it or never learnt it. No matter, how much we may get irritated by the generation gap between our parents and we, our respect for them should not get effected even a bit because we don’t even have an idea how much they do for us!

6. Don’t let your career get effected.
Life is full of ups and downs but don’t let anything affect your very important goal: career related goal of life. I agree that many times emotional imbalance doesn’t let you focus but don’t let that zone last for a long duration because any compromise with your career would make you enter a zone of regret from which it would be damn difficult to come out.

7.Don’t find a reason to be happy.
Life – a precious gift must be lived in the best possible way. And therefore, you must not find a reason to be happy or to have a smile on your face. And one very important thing I would like to mention – don’t ever let your past miss happenings become the reason of your present sadness ; once things are gone, let their effects on you also go far from you as soon as possible.

[author image=”” ]I am Kanika Pasrija, a student of in IGDTU. I am a girl with plenty of hobbies and interests.My passion for writing encourages me to express my views on various topics and working as a Campus reporter at Aapka Times.[/author]

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