Summer styling tips: As free as the ocean this summer

Being in a tropical country like India where the summer is more than just blue skies and green lands. The season comes with discomfort in dressing up,  here are a few ways you can rock the sun.

Dump the Denims

Skinny jeans make you look hot,  but not if it is this hot . Fashion is about comfort more than anything else and during this season the alternatives to jeans can come in handy.

Culottes is one such option that can make you look dressy and comfortable at the same time. It is available in various materials and styles such as side slits,  high waisted or formal .

The best way to pair it up is with a t – shirt and some sneakers. Also you can give it a formal look by throwing on a shirt with a pair of strappy black stellitoes .

Keep the Darks in the Dark

Summer is all about twinning with nature,  when the nature blooms with colours you could wear bright colours and pastel which do not attract heat. Florals is a good option with the light weight fabrics which will keep your mood cheerful.

Go with the flow

Take out all the flow dresses which will keep you comfortable.  Summers are for the T-shirt dresses, oversized clothes which are not body – con or skin fit to avoid rashes and allows the sweat to dry out fast.

Tan is good but not uneven

I know summers make you want to wear all those short dresses and show off summer body but I suggest you to wear something covered during the day to avoid sunburns and tan and you could go with short summer dresses as an outfit for the night.

Do not experiment much with the fabric:

Stick to light weight and summer appropriate fabrics such as cotton linen. Do not go with the silk or something that sticks to your body and would lead to odour.

These were the simple tips to make your summer young,  wild and free.

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