Style Statement Of Durga Puja in Kolkata


We hear tons about the carnivals from Rio to Goa–the world goes amazed while standing far away from the street performers in their sparkly costumes and marvel at the handy splendors from the sidelines! We rarely talk about Kolkata. But now just read the next sentence and sink in-” Kolkata, during Durga Puja is the BIGGEST FASHION PARADE in the world”. Rings true.

Durga puja is the grandest festival for a Bengali(maybe even for the rest of the world!). It means alot to every Bong,but the 5 prerogatives have remained the same for the last five centuries.


Buying an entirely new set of attire is the most exciting build up to this festive season. The amazing thing is–not only do Bongs buy spanking new clothes but they wear them while walking in the sniffling heat, while standing in long queues outside pandas and being impatient, million string crowd !!!

Now let us help you for this mega fashion fiesta– sit back,window shop at supersonic speed,choose,discard ,choose again and finally order!!


For Shasti,the sixth day of the festival that marks the formal beginning of PUJO in Bengal with unveiling of the face of the idol of Ma Durga, you can choose to keep your attire simple with Indo-Western look .Embroidered Khaki jumpsuits , a special from Sirens boutique are a great way to project the touch. One can also choose to drape in stoles crafted from organic fabric. Airy palazzos in floral prints teamed with a classy embroidered leather sandals available in NEW MARKET are perfect combo to beat the heat. Go grab them !


Saptami the seventh day,heralds the true beginning of the most awaited festival with the performance of the Pranpratishtha ritual . For Daytime evening you can select this traditional drape that has been handpicked especially from DAKHINAPAN near Goal park. It is renowned all over the world for its artistic heritage . Crafted in the Bengali’s famous DHAKAI JAMDANI this vibrate magenta and white Saree features boutique work all over the world.A big RED BINDI with Junk jewellery(Jhumkas) will exemplify the BONG look on your face.




Ashrams the eight day is the day of primary importance which starts of with the devotee offering Pushpanjali to the Goddess amidst the chanting of the verses by the priests. For morning look no further beyond than this Cream Gacchi Tusshar saree . Crafted in Gacchi Tusshar this elegant piece features naksha kantha work all over the world.At night you can dress up in a lovely black dress or a solid neon colored dress . Add some accessories and get going!!


Navami_ the night marks the penultimate day of the Pujas. As per mythology Goddess Durga eradicated evil by killing the demon Mahishashura on this very day and hence Durga is worshipped as Mahishashuramardini on this day.

For late night pandas hopping on Navami you can handpick this red Chinkankari suit piece. It will keep you at ease while jostling on your way through the maddening crowd.


Dashami signifies the end of the Pujas when devotees bid farewell to the goddess with heavy heart. What could be better than a traditional red and white Saree ? Crafted in Resham , this vibrant piece of art with a simple achal. Team it with heavy golden jewellery

So calcuttans get going !! HUNT THROUGH ThE STREETS OF GARIAHAT AND NEW MARKET and drape yourself in the attire that would win hearts .Happy Durga Pujo 2K16.

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