Students hold Poetry Procession against rising hatred at Jamia Millia Islamia

At the time of extreme crucial political engagements, poets throughout the history have given  t beautiful messages of peace and harmony through their verses to the world. From Kazi Nazrul Islam to Sarojni Naidu’s verses the world has seen stringent revolutionary messages through beautiful couplets.
In the times of communal upheaval in India,  Jamia Millia Islamia students on 3rd of August organised a poetry procession against hate mongering under the name of “Nafratien Tumhafi Kavityein Humari- poetry on streets
The basic idea of this procession was an idea of poetry on streets, negating the politics of hatred and violence, being institutionalized in the country. This march was against the ‘mob culture’ that has taken over the consciousness of people, which is directed towards organized lynching of people coming from Muslim and Dalit communities on the pretext of cow-vigilantism. It was against the ‘mob-harassment’, which is unleashed on couples coming from oppressed sections of society, in the name of preventing ‘Love-Jihad’. It was against the contemporary time that has reduced country’s Minorities, Dalits, Tribals, and Women to the question of their survival.“, Delhi State President of AISA, ‘this government is against the idea of Tagore, Pash and Ghalib, which means that they are against the idea of equality, justice and liberty’
Students from various institutions including Jamia and DU and the theatre group Sangwari was present, they recited poems against hate and crime. From  Ghalib to Tagore and from Bhagat Singh to Ambedkar and Ashfaquallah students echoed the verses along with their own poetry as well.

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