Students created a barrier with love and affection for stopping their beloved teacher “Don’t go sir!”

The English teacher, G Bhagawan, at Government High School in Veliagaram, Thiruvallur was given a transfer letter by the authorities. The students were left heartbroken after receiving the news. The teacher was surrounded by the crying students. They created a barrier for him with their love and affection.

The young teacher was crying as much as his students. Even the bureaucrats were moved by the heart melting gesture of the students after the picture of crying students and teacher was published by news channel Puthiya Thalaimurai.

G Bhagawan was given a transfer order to shift to Government High School in Arungulam near Tiruttani. However, the deployment has been put on a hold for a period of 10 days. The bureaucracy is yet to determine if he should be transferred or he should be allowed to work in Veliagram.

“This is my first ever job in a school. I was appointed as a graduate teacher in Government High School, Veliagaram in 2014. Actually, if you look at the teacher-student ratio I was a surplus staff. So they decided to put me in another school that was short staffed and I got transferred to Tiruttani.” said Bhagawan.

The young man was appointed to teach English to students of class 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. A teachers’ transfer counselling program was held from 12th June,2018 to 21st June, 2018 in which Bhagawan had participated and he choosed Arungulam as his preferred location.


Parents supported their wards in protesting against the decision of the government. No one went to school on Tuesday to mark the protest.


“They were hugging and crying and clutching my foot refusing to let me go. Watching them, I broke down. Then I took them to the hall and consoled them saying that I’ll be back in a few days,” said the English teacher.


“The government conducts these counselling sessions to fulfil the stipulated teacher-student ratio across government schools in Tamil Nadu. Our school had 281 students last year. The junior most teachers are usually picked and transferred to other schools, based on the counselling. Bhagawan, and one other teacher from this school, have been transferred this year,” said A Aravind, the headmaster of the school.


In a conversation, students mentioned that many teachers left the school but it never had any impact on them. Bhagawan had created a special personal bond with the students.

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