Students across the North Campus removed tonnes of rubbish on “Swach Bnae Campus

Delhi University,Delhi:

On 21st August,2014 Du-Jugaad volunteers across the North Campus removed tonnes of rubbish on “Swach Bnae Campus” .With University of Delhi being one of the top Universities of India and situated in Capital, students come from far to study and the condition of the campus and near-by areas have been not been kept clean. This message is always on the lips of every individual who comes to visit the famous area of north-campus: Kamla Nagar. And with the small-step, Du-jugaad took an initiative to make campus a much more cleaner space.

Volunteers of Du-Jugaad
Volunteers of Du-Jugaad

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” With this message in heart, Du-Jugaad’s volunteers cleaned the campus and setting the example, cleaning our own country is no shame-work.
Further, volunteer Natasha Khan of Daulat Ram College sheds some light, by expressing her views “It is nice initiative and I have come to support as by cleaning our own city has proved self-satisfactory action. No action is small, if done at small-scale also. I am proud to be a part of this organization and appeal everyone to keep their cities clean.”

“Everybody curses and cribs about the filthy state of the DU campus roads but  at the same time avert their eyes and run away from their responsibility to keep their own surroundings clean. So breaking the stereotypes of a high status society and shouldering the responsibility of being an Indian DU Jugaad came forward and cleaned the roads themselves. Now this is what I call selfless social service.”said Apoorva volunteer  from  Daulat Ram College.
“This organization has taken an initiative as a small-stepping stone in making “Dilli Dil Walon Ki”, a cleaner and better capital with many future plans to serve the society.” said Sanjeev Kumar, student of Delhi University

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