Your Strategy to Ace COMEDK in Last Three Months

The Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka, COMEDK, organizes UGET for admissions into engineering, medical and dental programs at member institutions of the consortium in Karnataka. The test consists of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English MCQ papers to be written on the same day. The syllabus for the exam is based on the syllabus of Karnataka board 12th standard, which is quite similar to NCERT.

COMEDK 2018for admission to BE/MBBS/BDS coursesis scheduled to be held on 13th May, leaving only the months of February, March, and April for you to prepare within. If you haven’t already started your preparations, you better begin with it now. You might be wondering if it’s too late to start now, or if it would be too difficult with so less time. Well, it isn’t. If you start your preparation now, you can still cover the entirety of the syllabus and score well. To be able to do that, though, you will need a strategy.

Provided below is a great strategy for preparation.

Practice Managing Time

COMEDK UGET is a time-based test. You need to solve 60 questions in 1 hour, making it a question a minute. Achieving this speed will be difficult particularly for engineering aspirants. Hence, it is important to first solve the easier questions/the questions from the concepts the candidate is strong in. Building the skill of judging the level of question asked is necessary to maximize your marks given the time constraint. Always keep a clock/timer near you while practicing questions.

Solve a Lot of Sample Papers

Solve a sample paper a week by timing it yourself. This is how you build up your speed for the actual exam. Solving sample papers helps you adjust to examination conditions and also lets you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Your recollection speed of concepts would also improve this way. The biggest advantage though would be increased familiarity with the exam pattern.

Prepare Notes

While preparing, write down the important concepts you feel the need to come back to, no matter how easy or difficult the topic is. Once you are done with the preparation of that topic, refer to these notes that you’ve prepared to strengthen your roots. The more the notes, the easier it would be to refer to them later.

Stick to the Syllabus

Concentrate on the specified syllabus and do not leave any topics covered. Consequently, do not study anything outside the syllabus. You would only waste your time by studying topics irrelevant to COMEDK UGET. You can refer to the important topics’ list provided below.

Important Topics for COMEDK 2018

Physics– Magnetic Effects and magnetism, Semiconductor devices, Electrostatics and Current Electricity, Heat and Thermodynamics, Simple Harmonic Motion, Nuclear Physics.

Chemistry– General Organic Chemistry, Coordination compounds, Biomolecules, Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics, s-Block elements, p-Block elements and d-Block elements.

Biology– Genetics, Systematics, Reproduction in Higher Plants, Cell, Chemical Coordination.

English– Synonyms and Antonyms, Reading Comprehension, Voice (Active-Passive) will have about 6 questions each. Other important topics would be Idioms and Phrases, Determiners, Tenses, Sentence Completion which can have about 5 questions each.

Mathematics– Probability, Vectors, 3D geometry, Sets, Relations and Functions, Calculus (Limits, Definite and Indefinite Integration, Continuity and Differentiability).

These topics have been carefully selected of importance after analyzing previous few years’ exam papers. It is also advisable that students should try to study these topics and solve these questions on their own to get a feel for the time management and stress levels encountered during the exam. These factors will eventually prepare them to crack the exam.

Lastly, a friendly advice to all our readers- please remain calm at all times and do not panic. It is important to maintain your cool with your preparation at all times as it will help you focus better on your studies. Staying cool in the exam hall will benefit you even more, as then you’ll be able to solve much more questions in a much less time than you would’ve if you were stressing out. Remember, hard work will always be rewarded.

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