Stop protecting them, for the sake of their protection!

Every parent wants their children to stay safe and this fear for their children’s safety, if extreme, can have an adverse effect on their confidence and self-esteem. By being overprotective, parents are only marking their child more dependent and also inhibiting the instincts to learn to do things on their own. There are a lots of examples of overprotective parents, some of which never allow their children to go to picnic or anywhere at distance place.
The reason behind all these is when a child is born, it seems so fragile and tiny that it is only natural for parents to feel responsible for these tiny creatures whom they have brought into the ‘big, bad world’ and thus shield their children from all conceivable harm but actually harm their children in the long run.
Overprotective parents should change their attitude if they want their children to grow up as independent, confident adults. They can also ask other parents for an opinion, though they need not adopt other people’s opinions as gospel truth. Advice and information will also help to make decision about what is safe for their children. Parents should also listen to their children, and discuss the dangers of the activity with the children and advise them what to do in case of an emergency.

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