Social Media react to Salman Khan’s verdict

Salman Khan has been acquitted for hit and run case of 2002 by Bombay High Court. On the fateful night, he allegedly crashed his Toyota Land Cruiser into American Express bakery killing five people. The actor was said to be drunk and the witness who said that actor was drunk, Ravindra Patil, was found to be unreliable.

The court quoted “prosecution has failed to prove the charges against Khan on all counts”.

Needless to say, social media erupted all over the injustice delivered.

Indian judiciary system proved that nothing in this fucking world is too expensive to buy. Not even justice. Money buys…

Posted by Parminder Singh on Thursday, 10 December 2015

Our judiciary system should be made available on Flipkart, so that anybody who can afford it could purchase it. >.<#SalmanKhanHitAndRunCase

Posted by Narendra K Jha on Thursday, 10 December 2015

“Waah Indian Judiciary System, Waah!”The above statement can be read both as its literal meaning as well as…

Posted by Nidhi Thacker on Thursday, 10 December 2015

Congrats all. Salman Khan was acquitted by Bombay High Court. A criminal was discharged due to LACK OF EVIDENCE.#SalmanKhanHitAndRunCase

Posted by Swaagat Panda on Thursday, 10 December 2015

#SalmanKhanHitandruncase is a true example of modern time amis in Juris delivery ,where justice is both delayed and…

Posted by Mritunjay Kumar Verma on Thursday, 10

This verdict raises more questions than it answers. The victims, Abdullah Rauf Shaikh, Nurullah Sharif and Mohammed Kalim, have been refused justice. If Salman Khan didn’t do it then who did? Also it dents our judicial system and makes it a puppet show for the common man who doesn’t have as much resources. Salman Khan can afford best lawyers but what about those unfortunate people who did not even have shelter? Does justice see the wealth before being fair?

But let’s not lose hope. The justice is always served ( Conditions Apply).

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