It was afternoon when I sat near my window passing time. Just trying to change my mind and what I found?? A view of two girls of age around 5-6 wearing clothes covered in dust and without any slippers were playing in the vast open plot, full of garbage, plastics, poly-bags etc. those two girls were actually trying to find out the material of their interests in the garbage. I could not make out as to what those girls were doing. But suddenly I realised that they were trying to take out the stones tightly fitted to an old, rusted and dirty bucket. They were doing like they knew how to do it in a best manner with so much accuracy in hitting the object by inverting the bucket.

I was just about to help them then I saw a broad smile on their faces and suddenly the whole scene changed. Because they succeeded in.taking out stones from that bucket.They kept that metal bucket into their big plastic bag which was already full of more stuff of their interests. And I felt bad because those two little princess, at the age of playing with dolls and toys, were working so hard in order to fill their empty stomachs. Of course there are many such people in this world who are not sure of whether or not they’ll get the food. They are so focused to do the hardwork for earning a meal or a smile on the faces their children.

I just want to draw your attention towards these children who live in our locality, who are going through similar kind of situations, and we are unaware of them. It is because we are so involved in our busy schedules of jobs, colleges, movies, tuition, etc. etc. we hardly pay attention to them. I want to tell you one thing that suppose if you would be one of those two little girls how would you feel at that time. Will you be living in the same comfort zone in which you are living right now? You might be doctor, engineer, architect, archaeologist, pilot, actor, airhostess or anyone you wanted once to become and finally you become whatever you wanted to become.

Then why not these children can get these opportunities, good clothing, education and a happy life. So, my kind request to all of you is that “ERADICATE CHILD LABOUR” because these children are the future of our state, country and the whole humanity. Just ask this question from yourself and put yourself into their place and then you might realise the darkness in their life. We have our lives and priorities but we also have our responsibilities towards people who need our help. And we must do the best to bring a smile on their faces. Because I heard somewhere that “a true happiness is in the happiness of others”. Trust me and try it!!! “GIVE SOMEONE SMILE, AND YOU WILL SURELY GET IN RETURN TOO”.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/MY-PIC.jpg” ]Faraz Murtaza is electrical engineer by profession but he loves to write on social issues[/author]

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