“Situations when parents impose their dreams on their children”


It was a misty evening. He had less patients to attend. He was wondering why that struggling journalist Kanchan, is constantly roaming around his mind. Occupied in these thoughts, Dr. Gaurav Singhla opened a folder in his computer, that he rarely checked, because the memories reminded him of the pain, which had gradually faded away.

Ms. Kanchan Hindre is a rising journalist, who lost her father in childhood and lived in a slum area of Mumbai. She studied in a nearby govt. school and her widowed mom worked as a bar dancer. Yes, a “BAR DANCER”. When it comes to hunger, people do such things. And so did Kanchan’s mother, Sushma. Circumstances forced her into this profession. People often told Sushma that she is wasting money on Kanchan’s education, as she would also end up becoming another bar dancer. But Sushma was determined that, she will give her daughter good education and safe and successful future. She stood like a shield before Kanchan.

It was a difficult challenge, first not to let Kanchan get into that dreadful profession. Then to rescue Sushma from that world. But with time things got better. And a moment came when she asked her mother to quit that job and leave that world as a nightmare. Now Kanchan had become a shield before her mother. When this bold and talented Kanchan applied in a media institute, they considered her background as a drawback. But her skills, during the interview left them with no other choice, than to select her as their student. And so with immense struggle the bar dancer Sushma gave a rising Journalist to the society.

Dr. Singhla came to know Kanchan and her story today, when she visited his hospital to cover some story.

Let us flashback into Dr. Singhla’s past. The Singhla’s are into medical profession for 4 generations. Great Grand Father had started a small clinic in Bandra. Grandfather also had interests in medical studies and joined the clinic. He got married to a doctor. Then it was obvious that their kids would also go in medical profession. Soon, their family became popular as THE DOCTOR’S CLAN. Their daughters, sons, nephews, everybody went into the same profession, and married Doctors. They brought up their kids with one aim that they have to become a Doctor only, because this is what their family clan stands for. Gaurav kept listening to this, all his life. He had a strong passion towards journalism, but he could never express that before his family. He participated in various literature fests and worked for his school magazine, as campus correspondent and photographer. When he disclosed before his family that he wants to become a journalist, it was not at all acceptable. A prideful tradition of 4 consecutive generations would be discontinued, and the family might not remain popular as THE DOCTORS CLAN. So in order to save their image in the society, they forced Gaurav to take MBBS as his only possible career option. Eventually, he joined that Singhla’s Hospital.

He still has that collection, when he was with his school magazine. He rarely opened that folder, but now after meeting Kanchan he felt like rejoicing his old school days. He was wondering why despite those extreme hardships, Kanchan was able to make it up to her dreams, while he had everything available to him, still gave up his aspirations. The answer was FAMILY’S SUPPORT. Kanchan’s bar dancer mom gave her wings to fly. And Gaurav’s prideful clan, trimmed his wings and molded him according to their wish. The DOCTOR’S CLAN forgot that serving the society is certainly a great achievement, but kids may have some other abilities too, which need to be nurtured, encouraged and cherished.

Submitted by:
Name : Asiyah Zainab Naqvi
Course: B.E (Final Year)
College Name: Jamia Millia Islamia ,  New Delhi

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