Shazia Ilmi and Captain Gopinath ‘resign’ from AAP.

  • Aapka Times Correspondent.

New Delhi: Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader and Spokesperson Shazia Ilmi quitted the party. In a Press Conference this afternoon Shazia Ilmi announced, “After much thoughts and deliberation, I’ve decided to give-up from the membership of the AAP and resign from all party posts of the party.”

“This is indeed a difficult decision for me and I think that AAP could have done a lot and has done a lot to change the political discourse for the better of the country. A lot of mistakes that the party has made can be excused by the fact that it is a new party committed to a corruption free India,” Shazia said in her press conference.

She also said that the ‘lack of inner part democracy, especially from a party that talks of Swaraj’ triggered her decision to resign.

“I deny the whisper campaign vehemently that my resignation has to with fielded from Ghaziabad. I won’t have valiantly fought from a seat I personally didn’t opt for. We all fight against Cronyism but we have a chronic clique that runs the party and takes impulsive decisions which we learn about later. I find it amazing that we cannot follow the principles of Swaraj within our own party,” she added.

“When a brilliant person like Arvind who espoused the concept of Swaraj, of collective decision making, is unable to follow it personally become incumbent to point out the same,” she further added.

News reports also claimed that another Senior AAP leader Captain Gopinath also resigned from the party post.

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